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Damaged · 5:59am Feb 26th, 2017

I used to think that I had to be strong for my friends and family around me. What I did not know is that you can be strong, while showing tears. I have started to figure that out but unfortunately, it's too late. I have held my tears in for so long, that it's destroying me. Now that it's too late. I have nothing to go back to.

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Well :D · 8:44pm Dec 13th, 2016

Name: Prince

Height: 5'0 , yes I am a smol

Weight: Tf kinda question is that

Age: 15

Birthday: June First

Girl Best Friend: Alyssa, Britney, Phoebe, Nana, Peyton

Guy Best Friend: Daddy :twilightblush: Eric, David, Lewis, Nicholas

Crush: 0~0

Favorite Food: Sushi!!

Last Text: TBH " I wish you were at my school, that way I can kiss you all I want ;) "

Longest Relationship: Four years and Two months

Battery Percentage: Idfc & Idfk

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Byaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa · 5:22am Sep 1st, 2016

bye :)

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Last Blog · 7:17am Aug 25th, 2016

So, did the title get your attention? :rainbowlaugh: Sorry but, this is actually my last blog. I have realized that I have literally no reason to be on here. I have plenty of other accounts on different websites to manage. I don't need one that I don't even use. I have plenty to do! I am going to a new school and a GIANT school too.. I am kinda scared and kinda excited. I managed to figure out that my waifu goes to that school so.. :heart: can't wait to tackle her at least. Only thing I am

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