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merry christmas y'all · 1:22am Dec 25th, 2017

aight, so, i'm breaking the radio silence i've held for the last few months

my life has been a whirlwind of happenings since my last update so, here's my explanation:

i finished my a level exams, got thru em and accepted into a pretty slick apprenticeship

my cat went and fucking died like an asshole (god i miss him)

work has taken some time to adjust to, and the two assignments for uni due january don't help things lol

so where is clean the slate?

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CtS: Mock Exam Delay · 2:52pm May 1st, 2017

Just in case any of you were wondering, CtS hasn't been updated in a while because I recently had mock exams, and will be going into finals fairly soon. The story hasn't been abandoned, and I will try to get a new chapter out in the next few days.

Sorry for the inactivity.


CtS: I need to fill Quantum's social life · 9:23pm Mar 13th, 2017

OK so, I've run into a problem. I've dropped Quantum into this education schtick, and I have no idea what to do for classmates, friends, enemies, etc. Of course, I have Twilight, Blueblood and Duster for now, but I need to think of new characters for other classmates, teachers and friends. There's just one problem.

I suck at making new characters.

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New Update this Week · 9:38am Nov 16th, 2016

Heads up everybody. Just letting you know. Will leave a message as to the delay in author notes then.


CtS, the Timeskip, and all you need to know. · 3:59pm Oct 9th, 2016

Hey. Earth Galvanising here, giving you all a low down on what's to come in the next chapter of Clean the Slate. If I miss anything, feel free to comment questions on this post, and I'll reply to you all (unless the question has already been answered) presuming more than three people look at this, lmao. Anyways; here's the deal.

Chapter 10 marks the end of Quantum's infancy period. Chapter 11 will be the start of the 'School Arc'.

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new chapter going live tonight · 3:11pm Aug 31st, 2016

keep yer eyes peeled ladies and gents, "Broken Chains" is going up a bit later


From re:Childhood to The Nameless First · 11:05pm Jul 26th, 2016

Clean the Slate just updated with 'The Nameless First,' originally titled 're:Childhood.' If you haven't read it yet, give it a gander and tell me what you think.

There was obviously a change in the chapter title name, and this came to me literally seconds before I published it. See, I didn't want the re:Childhood title as it suggests a sort-of timeskip through Quantum's childhood. I couldn't do that for two reasons:

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new chapter today · 10:02am Jul 24th, 2016

howdy, new chapter of clean the slate is in the works, and should answer any unanswered questions left from "Homesick."

this one focuses on a sort of fly by of Quantum's early foalhood, at least before he goes to school/nursery/whatever. some important events in his life are on the horizon too, so keep an eye out.

and again, i'll probably need to clarify what i said in the last author notes:

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um. · 7:54am Jun 5th, 2016

whoopsies. there have been no updates this week, huh.

well, i know i said expect some updates this week, but revision for exams got me swamped down. so either, i'll finish C6 today, or, i'll write two more after monday in addition to C6.

apologies for the lack of activity, guys. i'll try not to do that again.

as always, thanks for reading.


Clean the Slate: The Cleaned Slate · 10:19pm May 24th, 2016

so, i decided to revamp the descriptions for CtS considering the last blog's comments and discussion. i like to feel that the new descriptions, both long and short, differentiate the story from the common HiE genre, and instead draws people in. hopefully no more insta-dislikes, now, but that may be wishful thinking, haha.

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