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I got an idea for a story stuck in my head. Now I'm writing it.


New chapter next day or two · 7:28am Sep 12th, 2017

Edited some story mistakes and writing the next chapter! Soooo, expect that soon.

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Featured! · 4:01pm Oct 27th, 2016

Wow, less than 20 min since I posted the new chapter and it's featured, I honestly don't know what to say. I mean, I didn't even think I would get more than 10 likes, this is just amazing. Just... wow. When I first started publishing chapters of Falling Into a New Life, FaygoDrive Immediately added my story to a library... section thing, that he created called "Inherently bad stories". And that made me a little anxious when I wrote more. I was self editing, and only had the vaguest of plot

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Sequel of Falling into a new life · 10:17pm Aug 13th, 2016

The sequel is waiting for approval, and the prologue is done. I should be churning out chapters for it soon, and I was going to wait till I had a few, but I thought it would be better if I had the prologue done instead of leaving off on the last chapter. Still a cliff hanger, but less of a cliff hanger.

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Falling into a new life · 7:36pm Aug 7th, 2016

Next chapter is coming along nicely, expect it within the next few days

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So there hasn't been any new chapters... · 6:04am Jul 17th, 2016

Sorry about that, between some minor oral surgery and computer difficulties, I haven't really been able to write anything. I have a few things to take care of, but I should be churning out chapters again at some point in the next eight days.

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