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Hello... I am hoofed writing. I write stories of the vast world of ponies. (along other beings) I'm in love with peaches and they help me write. Peaches ~ <3

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This is a MLP StarWars crossover during the Order 66 period. The mane characters are Ink Quill (My oc) Quillian Inkheart (Quillian Inkhearts oc) and Nova (Zyrahs oc) and although not named LyraAlluse's OC is in there

To clear up a few things I first must say that there is a bit of racism.

Unicorns are force sensitive
Pegasai are Nobility or special troops. ie ARC Troopers
Earth Ponies are citizens and common Clone Troopers

If you guys like it I could make this into a series tell what you think about it.

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Hello all. This is a simple one shot I am doing of my personal OC Ink Quill. He made a mistake of not making a grocery list and is missing a vital item. Now he must go back and get it.

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Music Stand has no idea where he is and what he was doing before he found himself in the Everfree forest but he needs help and plans on finding it. The place that he goes to get it... Ponyville.

(currently in revision process as of 3/20/17)

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