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Here, I'll keep it short and simple: I am a fellow: gamer, cartoon fan, aspiring writer/poet, cat-lover, dog-lover (For the cats vs dogs thing, I'd go with loving both), and a bunch of other stuff.

Some general info about me, opinions, thoughts, etc. Either way, most of this isn't really meant to be taken seriously~


Favorite musicals?: Hamilton, Heathers (though, to be honest, I prefer the movie to the musical, but both are still pretty good, IMO), and Wicked.

Favorite song from any musical?:

Oh, and I also really love this:

Favorite Pokemon game(s)?: FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, Sun and Moon, Alpha Sapphire, and Platinum.

Favorite rivals: Silver, Gladion, Dawn, May, Brendan, and Silver.
Favorite Pokemon: Sylveon, Lucario, Jigglypuff, and Ninetails.

Favorite ships?: Not any of them, really, since I kinda changed my opinion on it.

Favorite villains: Darth Vader, Azula (from ATLA. From the show, not the movie, because the movie's so horrible it honestly should've never been made and should've never existed, plus I don't really like the comics. I mean there honestly was a lot of missed potential, and a lot of things that could've been done with them that they didn't do really, and that kinda disappointed me), and Shego (from KP/Kim Possible).

Worst ship(s)?: FlashLight... just. WHY IS THIS A THING. Seriously though, WHY!? Sorry, but I just don't get FlashLight. I would maybe get it if he had some actual personality, character development, or maybe some motivations or reasons on to why he likes or his helping Twilight, but he's literally just a generic, stereotypical "cool guy" love interest, and he has no character or personality AT ALL. Plus, whenever he "interacts" or has a conversation with Twilight, it's literally just him bumping into Twilight, and/or vise versa, which is cliche beyond means. Like I said, I just don't get the ship, and the character.

Next to that I pretty much hate any and all incest shippings, and I'm not putting any reasons on to why I hate it here because (1. It's fairly obvious/common sense, and 2. Because incest is just plain disgusting).

Also, as for dating and romance, I'm not interested, and currently I don't want to date anyone. I probably will when I get older, but for now I don't.

Favorite pastimes?:
Writing poems, shipping ponies, playing video games, listening to music, and watching Youtube videos. I think I do more stuff, but that's all I'm gonna put here.

Favorite movies?: Mean Girls, Heathers, Clueless, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and pretty much all the Studio Ghibli movies. Though my all-time favorite Studio Ghibli movie is When Marnie Was There, because I really relate to a lot of it personally, and it really struck a chord with me.

Favorite memes?: Don't Touch My Spaghet, And Peggy, Smug Wendy's,
Pearl's Secret Rap Career, Meduka Meguca/Being Meguca is Suffering, the MLG Airhorn meme, Girl's Can't Love Girls/THAT'S FORBIDDEN LOVE, Do You Know The Way, Hot Milk (but only if done correctly), What We Really Are, More of the What We Really Are meme, The Mine Song, and We Are Number One. I also love the "I put *insert music* over *insert movie or thing here*" meme, and the Roblox Death Sound meme.

Least Favorite Memes?: 20% Cooler, because it's really annoying and so overused to the point that it's overrated. Trollestia is kind of annoying too, but I do like it in small pieces and/or doses, plus I kind of like the idea of (Princess) Celestia having a more fun, nicer, sweeter, "jokier" side to her personality and pulling light (and/or relatively harmless) pranks on ponies.

Favorite video games?:
Terraria, Buried, Blank Dream, The Witch's House, Mad Father, Little Nightmares, Candleman, Yandere Simulator, Skyrim, Subnautica, Fran Bow, Night in The Woods, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Sonic Mania, etc.
And also pretty much all the games in the Legend of Zelda series. I used to play Minecraft and Neopets, but I don't anymore, because it got boring after a while.

I also love Doki Doki Literature Club, because I like how it looks like a dating simulator game, but there's more than that to it if you play more, and I just really love the horror and/or horror aspect of the game, which I think is pretty cool, and a lot of the fanmade mods for the game are really cool, plus all the memes and shitposts about it are really accurate and funny, and even if they're not they're still pretty cool though.

Favorite song(s) from any (video) game?:


also this:

Favorite quote(s) from any movie, or TV series or anime?:
"What are you, stupid?!" - Asuka, from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
"Life is/was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." - from Forrest Gump

Worst book series?: The Twilight Saga.

Best MLP generation(s)?: G4 and G1.

Favorite ponies/members of the Mane 6?: Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight. I also like Fluttershy, Spike, and Applejack, but they aren't my favorites. (Also, (Unpopular Opinion: I think Spike needs more love. I'm sorry, but I can't stand all the Spike and Scootaloo (and CMC maybe?) abuse.)

Worst MLP generations: G2, G3 (Though I've been reconsidering/changing? my opinion on that one. I mean, it looks interesting, so I might give it a shot. But the art style still freaks me out, though... though of course, not as much as G3.5 *shudders*), and especially G3.5. (And I mean especially with G3.5. Like, it really goes without saying there.)

Best song(s) of the series: There are a lot of songs in the show, but for me, nothing will ever beat This Day Aria:

Next to that, I'd also say Smile and Art of The Dress are best songs.

Favorites songs from the show?: I have lots, so I'll just list a few.
This Day Aria, Art of The Dress, Becoming Popular/The Pony Everypony Should Know, Generosity, The Magic Inside, Rules of Rarity, The Spectacle (Razzle Dazzle), Smile/The Smile Song (And NOT Smile HD, I absolutely HATE Cupcakes. Note: Only fanfic-wise though, not talking about the actual food here), etc.

Opinions on Twilicorn?: Personally I'm anti-Twilicorn, all I can say is that I hate it and I think it (along with other things, especially EQG in particular) ruined the show. (Or at least killed it, anyway). (And I'm not saying this because I don't like change, I'm fine if it's done well, but NOT when it's done horribly, like Twilicorn was.

Weirdest thing you've ever watched?:

(Personally I love it because of how weird and crazy it is, plus Applejack's and Megan's reactions are absolutely hilarious.)

Favorite fan works/fan videos?: The Epic Rap Battles of Equestria and Epic Pony Rap Battles series. Opinions on who won the rap battles?: 1. For the Twilight vs Trixie one, personally I'd say Twilight. For Prince Bluebood vs Big Mac, I'd say Big Mac won.

For Rarity vs Applejack, I'd say Applejack won. I like Rarity and all, (In fact, personally, I am a Rarity fan myself, I mean she is one of my favorite ponies), but I think her lines were kind of weak and stale personally, and not as good (or as strong) as Applejack's were.

For the first Celestia vs Luna one, I'd say Luna won. As for the 2nd Celestia vs Luna rap battle, now that one is a bit more complicated, but personally I think that Twilight and Celestia won. (IMO) I felt that, like Rarity's, most of Luna's lines were kind of weak and stale in comparison, and was (or at least seemed to be) mostly fan service, and didn't really actually end up having any merit.

Worst movie, and worst movie series?: Foodfight!, Frozen, Titanic, and also the Twilight Saga, and I'm not going to say why, because it just goes without saying.

Things I like the most?: Good fanfiction, art, music, poetry, family, friends, food, nice people, etc.

How do you feel about the show?: I hate it, honestly. I mean, it used to be really good, but now it's just gone so downhill and horrible that I just can't watch it anymore. I loved the first 2 seasons, I mean, yeah, they did have a few bad episodes, but most of them were amazing, and all I can say about them is that they're my favorite, personally I think they're the best seasons. And there were some really good episodes in Season 3 (not Magical Mystery Cure, that ep was horrible), Season 4, and Season 5 that I liked, too. But other than that, the show's absolutely terrible, especially due to Twilicorn and Equestria Girls. (If you want something interesting, in my opinion, there actually was a series of videos that explained why Twilicorn ruined the show (or at least was one of the things that did).

Favorite episodes (Note that these are in NO particular order):
1. For Whom The Sweetie Bell Tolls
2. Rarity Takes Manehattan
3. Suited for Success
4. It's About Time
5. Sleepless in Ponyville
6. Bats!

Here's some more Q and A things:

Q: Favorite Youtubers/Youtube Channels?
A: TheFlamingShark (because I like his reactions), TheGamerFromMars, Cryaotic, Kizuna AI, Bijuu Mike, iHasCupquake, AyChristeneGames, Good Mythical Morning, StrawberrySana, AlbertsStuff, Denis, RarityDash (My reasons for this are the same as TheFlamingShark), Jacksepticeye, ZexyZek (Mainly because of his Minecraft trolling series, which I love because it's amazing, and also because it's really fucking hilarious, especially to see the reactions of the people he's trolling), Markiplier, MKatwood, JonTron, Blaire White, Jaiden Animations, TheOdd1sOut, and Domics.

Q: Favorite foods?:
A: Pizza, tacos, grilled cheese, chinese food, salmon, baked potatoes, etc. Or just lots of stuff I guess?

Q: Fun facts about me?:
A: Turquoise, along with being one of my favorite colors, is also my birthstone.

Favorite Equestria Girls movie: Rainbow Rocks. Like out of the WHOLE TRILOGY, that was literally the only good movie, IMO.

Favorite EQG song?: Welcome to the Show, Under Our Spell, Battle of The Bands, but the one I liked the most was this:

Astrology stuff?:
I heard it was a popular thing, so here are mine:
I'm a Capricorn Sun, I have a Leo Rising/Ascendant, and I also have a Scorpio Moon.

(Note: I'm still editing and adding stuff to this, lol).

Favorite ponies: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Trixie, Princess Cadance, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon 3, Sunset Shimmer, Princess Luna, Moon Dancer, Countess Coloratura, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Sweetie Belle, Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia (Trollestia is best 'lestia :trollestia:), and a whole bunch of other characters.

For some controversial, or at least opinion-related/opinionated stuff:

What's one thing, two things, or three things you hate the most?:
Sexist, jerky, judgemental, rude, and awful people. I also don't like people who just judge shows just by their first episodes, I mean the show might not be good on the first episode, but it could get really great later. Personally I think you need to watch all the episodes of a show, or at least some of it to actually be able to judge it and stuff. I also hate people who judge and/or hate other people for liking certain games, shows, or hobbies, like people who say that people who like MLP:FIM are "retarded" or "stupid", which just isn't true. I agree some people are, but most people I've seen who like the show are pretty smart, and aren't stupid at all.

Okay, so on a lot of games, I see the "Parents permission" thing, and it's just bullshit. I mean, I don't think anyone even needs to ask anyone for permission on ANYTHING, in general, because it's just ridiculous. And it's even more ridiculous and fucking stupid if you have to ask for permission to even talk to somebody, even if you're friends with them, or they're pretty nice, and you just want to talk to them to get to know them better. (Plus, if something does happen, and you're on a website, like a forum or something, you could just report it and they'll probably get banned, or call the cops in real life, or you know, self-defense, or you could take extra measures or precautions to protect yourself (like, as I've already mentioned, learning self-defense and similar stuff).

And honestly, if you aren't mature enough for game, or for something on the Internet in general, and you can't handle it, then just don't do it, or just don't look it up. It's that simple. Plus, you could just lie about your age, or find someway to get out of it, which makes parental permission even more pointless. Not only that, but I think you should be your own person, and be what you want to be, and do what you want to do, just as long as you're not hurting yourself and/or other people.

Honestly, it's just fucking ridiculous that people are so fucking ageist, and can't take younger people seriously. I think all people (except horrible people like murderers, killers, rapists, etc) deserve to be treated with respect, and not looked down on or judged because of their age, or their height, or their gender, or their race, or their weight, or just them as a person, in general.

Like you could be young and really smart, but because of your age people still won't take you seriously, and it just pisses me off, because it's fucking ridiculous. And I think that's why so many young people are stupid nowadays, and don't think at all, is because they're not fucking taken seriously, and that a lot of them are dumbed down (due to our current education system and society), and not even treated like fucking human beings. And honestly, just because someone's younger then you doesn't mean their any less smart.


Opinion(s) on fandoms, including this one?: All fandoms are horrible, honestly. All I can say is that I love the shows, but I am NOT part of the fandoms. Also,everything is overrated. I'm sorry, but it's true. I mean, it doesn't mean that I can't love or like a lot of games, movies, and tv shows, but I just acknowledge that their all pretty overrated. I also think it's really stupid, judgemental, and just plain ignorant to judge a game, or a show, or just anything based on it's fandom, because all fandoms are horrible anyway, so it's not really fair to judge a show or just about anything based on them.

For example, I love anime, and I really like most of it, and, in general, I think it's really cool and interesting, and that only a small percentage of it, or minority of it is bad. And most anime fans I've met online and offline are pretty cool and chill anyway, and only a small minority of them are crazy and/or weeaboos, so it's unfair just to judge a whole entire medium, or fandom, or anything in general just based off a minority. And also, just because you've watched one bad anime doesn't give you an excuse to hate anime, or hate the rest of it.

That's honestly just stupid, and just plain ignorant thinking. But most people are pretty stupid in general, so it doesn't surprise me in the least that people do this.

Also, thanks for all the followers and people watching me! I appreciate it so much, and it means a lot to me. (I don't know why you really wanted to follow me, I'm not really that special, but thanks anyway! I guess people really like me for some reason, I guess? I really don't know why I'm so popular all of a sudden, though.)

Best filly: Sweetie Belle.

Favorite CMC: Sweetie Belle.

Favorite Villain: The Dazzlings... either that, or Queen Chrysalis. (Oh, and also Discord.)

Though personally, for the Dazzlings, I don't think they should've ever even been in Equestria Girls, I think they had a lot of potential, but it was kind of squandered there, and I think it would've been much more interesting if they were in the main series (or, you know, MLP:FIM).

They were really interesting villains, and I really liked their backstory (and the songs/music they had in the movie was pretty great, personally I really loved that). Sure, it was cool and interesting, but there definitely could've been different things and/or directions that they could've done, or taken with it, which I'm sad that they didn't do. For example, they didn't have much depth, or personality, other than being your typical, card-board cut-out villains, (For example, them being put into categories: Adagio is the serious one, Sonata is the funny one, and Aria's always pretty angry, or is at least more of the silent, brooding one.
It kind of makes me think of ATLA a bit, with Azula, Mae, and Ty Lee, though the difference is that they had a lot more backstory, personality, motivations, and/or depth, rather than their personalities just being put into categories)
which was sad to me, as, like I already said, they had so much potential, as there could be a lot more to them then those traits, which I'm sad they didn't explore.

I also really love Starlight, but only as a villain. As a protagonist, she's awful, and I absolutely hated her "redemption", if you would even call it that way, and personally, I don't think she should've been redeemed, she honestly just should've stayed as a villain, because she's definitely a lot better that way.

Favorite antagonist: Suri Polomare (Even if she only appeared in one episode, I really want to see her again. Show-wise, I mean. Mainly because I love her accent, and I would really love to see where she got her "it's everypony for herself in this town/city" mentality.) Next to that, my favorites are the Flim Flam Brothers. I really like them, and I think they're pretty cool and interesting antagonists. :)

Favorite color(s)?:Turquoise, Lilac, Lavender, Pink and Blue, Strawberry Blonde, Pine Green, etc.

Favorite anime characters?: For Sailor Moon, I'd say my favorite Sailor Soldiers/Scouts are Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor V, Sailor Jupiter, etc. For Revolutionary Girl Utena, mine are: Nanami, Juri, Utena, Anthy, Wakaba, etc. Code Geass: Princess Euphemia, C2, Lelouch, Milly, Shirley, Kallen, Jeremiah, Lloyd, Cornelia, etc.

Favorite background ponies and minor characters: Derpy, Amethyst Star, Lyra, Sugar Belle, Octavia, Bon-Bon, and Vinyl Scratch.

Now, on to a few things I hate...
Worst Ships: I can't really think of any I hate besides Flash Light (Flash x Twilight Sparkle).

Worst overall character(s): Definitely Flash Sentry. He's one of the most stereotypical, stupid, bland, annoying, unoriginal characters I've ever seen. As I've said earlier, the main problem I have with him is that he serves as nothing more than a generic, stereotypical "cool guy" love interest, with no personality whatsoever asides from his supposed "crush" or "romance" with Twilight. (And I won't even call it "romance", because it's literally just them bumping into each other. Don't believe me? Watch the Equestria Girls movies, I'm not even joking, word-for-word this is exactly how it goes.)

Next to that, definitely Starlight. I absolutely hated her redemption, and she honestly would've been a lot better if she would've stayed as a villain. (The problem I had with her redemption is that it was just so rushed, and there were so many logical and factual errors with it. I mean, first off, couldn't she have sent a letter to Sunburst or something? Or she could've stayed in contact with him in another way, but seriously?! Losing a friend is your excuse for starting a whole entire cult dedicated to getting rid of cutie marks?!? Since when is that excusable or acceptable, ever? It still doesn't excuse or erase all of the terrible things she did, and it pissed me off so much when she got a free pass like that.)

Episodes I've changed my opinion and thoughts on:
Crusaders of The Lost Mark.
As with the majority of the fandom, and most people in general, back when this episode first aired, I LOVED it to pieces, but after looking at it from a more logical, critical standpoint, (or just re-watching it, actually) I've realized (IMO) it was actually a really terrible episode.

What I mean by that is that it was a great episode emotionally, but it was really bad logically. I absolutely hated DT's redemption, and all I can say about it is that it was honestly way too rushed, and it was really of out of character for her to suddenly turn nice at the end of the episode. (Then again, arguably, she never really even had a character or a personality to begin with, since her mean behavior always was a facade, and was never part of or even was her (real/actual) personality at all.)

Not only that, but I really hated the portrayal of her parents. Honestly, I think her mom was way too stereotypical, bland, and cliche, and she just seemed to be created just for this episode. All that she really served as was the antagonist, but that's literally the whole purpose she had in the story. I also didn’t like that her dad was portrayed to be a jerk here, because it kind of contradicts his behavior/personality in past/earlier episodes (see Family Appreciation Day for (an) example).

All I can say is that this episode was beyond overrated (and that's not saying much, since just about everything is, but still), and it pretty much was the CMC's version of MMC. (MMC = Magical Mystery Cure.) Instead of actually doing any proper storytelling (or any storytelling at all, actually), it's literally just a complication of a bunch of bland, boring, cliche songs that don't do anything to further, advance, or actually move along the plot, and instead slows it down instead of moving it forward. (All it does is rush the episode even further than how it already is, and cram a whole ton of information down into a few songs, instead of actually telling a story, or giving things time to play out or come in to place, per say, and it's just so they can fit, or have enough screen time for the episode).

Not only that, but it was rushed as hell, and I feel like they could've done a lot more with the story, and I think it definitely had a lot more potential. The only part of the episode I really liked was when Silver Spoon told off (or "roasted") DT with her "sorry I'm not allowed to speak" speech, but even then I don't think that could've saved the episode. I really liked that scene in particular because I think it was some nice character development for Silver Spoon.

I definitely think it could've been done better, and in the course of several episodes, but (in my opinion) it was nice for what it was. Since, keep in mind, she was always a follower of DT (Diamond Tiara), but she never really seemed to have much personality, or confidence, or anything to her character, and/or personality other than being, well, a follower, and a doormat, so it was nice to see her break out of her shell a bit, gain a little bit of courage and confidence, and say "no, I've dealt with this too long, I'm not going to take anymore of this", and stand up to Diamond Tiara. I like that, because personally I think that took a lot of guts right there, and if I were in that situation, I don't think I would've had the courage to do that.

But, needless to say, that, to me, was the only positive thing about the episode, and even then, as I've mentioned, it could've been done, much, much better, and way less rushed, and especially if it actually had enough time to play out completely, which it did not. (But then again, that's just my opinion, and what I personally thought, anyway).

This whole thing could've been done in a few episodes, or it could've had an whole entire arc dedicated to it, but with so much going on, it can't all be done in a normal, 22-minute episode.

Plus, weren't the CMC's cutie mark's already implied in a previous episode? (Show Stoppers).
So it doesn't make any sense that they got something different, since they only helped one pony (Trouble Shoes) understand his cutie mark before this, but that was only just a one-time thing, since before COTLM, there weren't any instances of the CMC helping ponies with their cutie marks, other than the episode with Trouble Shoes.

(And those are just some of my problems with the episode, (like how everypony was able to forgive DT so easily after all the things she did (and I'm not counting One Bad Apple and Ponyville Confidential because those were terrible episodes, IMO) but I'm not going to add more because I don't want to continue ranting, plus, it would probably take up the entire page because most of the stuff I write tends to get long, XD.)

Opinions on DT and SS?: Personally, I don't think they should've ever been in the series, or even MADE in the first place. Asides from COTLM (Which, IMO, sucked, by the way), they've never really had any purpose in the show to be anything other than cliche, stereotypical, "spoiled rich girl" antagonists (and/or stereotypes), which has been done a MILLION times before. Personally, I think it would've been a lot more interesting if the Crusaders had to deal with their problems/or dealt with their problems (specifically, the ones that were cutie-mark related), without an antagonist, or (at least) a "bully character".
(But then again, that would probably be impossible, (since there probably would still need to be an antagonist or something similar), but it'd still be interesting).

(Also, keep in mind I'm not saying I hate all "Spoiled rich girl" antagonists - honestly, I'm fine if they're done well. (Like having actual character development and personality other than being spoiled and rich). (I love Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls for example).

I also think Equestria Girls sucks, and shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Best seasons of the show: Seasons 1-5 in general, although there were a lot of episodes I hated, and ones I specifically wish never happened or were canon in the first place.

(Specifically, One Bad Apple, Look Before You Sleep, What About Discord, almost all of season 6, asides from a few episodes, 28 Pranks Later, Ponyville Confidential (I mean, I get that it was justified, but I feel like the town completely overreacted to the whole "gossip incident" thing, to the point that it was really unrealistic and unbelievable. I mean sure, I can see people (and/or ponies) pissed off at the gossip articles, but not to the extremes that were present in this episode (Shutting doors, closing off and/or blocking houses, etc, or basically evacuating the entire town). I also hated the episode because of the "CMC abuse" near the end of it. ("It", meaning the episode, and yes, I'm seriously calling it CMC abuse, because IT IS.).

Personally, I don't care if it's justified or not, but in my mind it's still (CMC) abuse), Rainbow Falls, Somepony to Watch Over Me, Newbie Dash, The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1 and 2, Spike At Your Service, The Cart Before The Ponies, Putting Your Hoof Down, The Mysterious Mare Do Well, Dragon Quest, Boast Busters, etc.

(What I hated the most about Boast Busters was that Trixie got in trouble for showing off, which is something show ponies and performers are supposed to do. It's literally her job to show off, and boast about her accomplishments, and it just annoyed me that she got in trouble for doing that. I mean, isn't she a magician? Isn't she a show pony? Isn't she a performer? Showing off is exactly what's she's supposed to be doing, and I can't believe she got in trouble for doing that. I mean I love Trixie, but the whole episode was really stupid, honestly.)

Things you'd have to nitpick/complain/rant/ or just say about the show?: Asides from the stuff I previously listed, not really. Although if there's one thing I'd complain about, is that I don't really like how Celestia, Cheerilee, and almost all of the adults in Ponyville are useless in the show.

I mean, half of the time, they don't even do anything, they're either 1: Running away from things, or panicking over something 2: Or giving pointless, stupid advice that doesn't help, solve, or fix anything 3: Or just standing there, doing absolutely nothing. Like asides from A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 and 2 (Which is one of my favorite episodes for this reason, as in that it's one of the only times (in the show) where Celestia wasn't useless, unlike her other appearances (prior to this), she actually did something), Celestia and/or Luna don't even do anything in the show, and just spend most of the time doing nothing or giving the Mane 6 or some other ponies some type of chores, or dirty work, or task or goal to accomplish, or something they'd rather not be doing, so they can have somepony else do it for them. I mean, I love Celestia and Luna personally, but I just don't like how their portrayed in the show, and I don't like how they either literally do A: Do nothing and just stand around or B; Have somepony else do some work, chore, or task for them.

Like, that's literally all they've ever done in the show (for the most part), and sorry for ranting here, but it really pisses me off, because they have so much potential, and the writers and the show aren't using it, and I really don't like how their currently handling them (in the show). (Them = Celestia and Luna).

My interests and hobbies, etc:

I am a fellow: gamer, cartoon fan, anime fan, aspiring writer/poet, cat-lover, dog-lover (For the cats vs dogs thing, I'd go with loving both), and a bunch of other stuff, along with me being a fan of Harry Potter. Right now, I don't plan on making any stories or anything, since I'm SUPER busy with a lot of things, currently so I guess you could say that, for the time being, this is just a private account for posting comments and reading fiction, and a bunch of other things.

Favorite animes?: Naruto (I don't really like the story that much, but I do really like the action in the show, and every once in a while I do like watching a style over substance type of show), Blue Exorcist, Little Witch Academia, Hetalia, Kill la Kill, Code Geass, Soul Eater, Made in Abyss, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, The Ancient Mage's Bride, One Punch Man, Nichijou, Dragon Ball Z, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Re:Zero, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Toradora.
I also love Ghost Stories, because it's literally an official abridged series. The show wasn't doing too well in Japan, and they weren't making enough money, so they let them do whatever they wanted with the English Dub of the series, so they turned it into a comedy show, and it's fucking hilarious. (And even if it's not, it's still really great though).

Favorite Hetalia (and Nyotalia) characters: I love all of them, but my favorites would have to be Italy, Germany, France, and Fem!/Nyotalia!France. Though I like Fem!France a little better than normal France, because I like the character design better, like the Fem!France design is honestly really pretty.

Some LWA (Little Witch Academia) art:

Art from: https://www.zerochan.net/2161799

Art from: https://danbooru.donmai.us/data/sample/__diana_cavendish_and_kagari_atsuko_little_witch_academia_drawn_by_tama__sample-902afb5b06e0b59d8cfa85ce92fc88a9.jpg

Art from: https://danbooru.donmai.us/data/sample/__diana_cavendish_and_kagari_atsuko_little_witch_academia_drawn_by_archvermin__sample-2340bda54e5a4e70e85dde7ddd1b993c.jpg

Art from: https://danbooru.donmai.us/data/sample/__diana_cavendish_and_kagari_atsuko_little_witch_academia_drawn_by_tsukudani_coke_buta__sample-24a23c40ca34a185b1417772fc538ccf.jpg

Art from: https://danbooru.donmai.us/data/__diana_cavendish_and_kagari_atsuko_little_witch_academia_drawn_by_conago__104d3acb77c452ce972e20caeff7f6f5.jpg

Least favorite anime(s)?: SAO. (Sword Art Online.)
The art is great, but the story's horrible, and has zero substance. But if you prefer style and art over story and substance, go right ahead. (Though personally I don't hate anyone for liking SAO, but I still do think it's pretty terrible. But it's not the worst thing in the world, since there's honestly far worse anime's out there.)

Subs vs Dubs?: I'd say subs personally, because most sub voices tend to be a lot better than their dub counterparts (since most dubs are honestly just really bad), and a lot of things tend to get lost in translation when it comes to anime (or just translated media in general). Though that's not to saw all dubs are bad, which isn't true, since there's a lot of really good ones, but most of them are pretty bad though.

Here's a more complete list of my favorite cartoons: Rick and Morty (and I like it because it's funny and interesting, and not just because of the memes), Ruby Gloom, Futurama, Old SpongeBob (Only the first 1-5 seasons, and the first movie. But besides that, almost everything after the first 1-5 seasons (and the first movie) is utter and complete garbage), Wander Over Yonder, Invader Zim, Kids Next Door, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Teen Titans (the original one, not Teen Titans Go), Samurai Jack, The Fairly Oddparents (but only the first 5 or 6 seasons, or it at least should've ended with the Wishology trilogy, or Channel Chasers, or something), The Powerpuff Girls (the ORIGINAL series, not the crappy reboot), Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Danny Phantom, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, Bee and PuppyCat, Over The Garden Wall, Mlp:FIM (only the old seasons and some of the episodes after Season 2), Avatar: The Last Airbender (The show's great, the movie should've never existed, and honestly should've never been made, and I don't really like the comics), We Bare Bears, Gravity Falls, The Amazing World of Gumball, etc. And I know it's not a show, or a tv-show, but I also love Don't Hug Me I'm Scared.

I don't really like Kim Possible, now that I think about it, but I do love Shego, I mean she's honestly my favorite character from the show.

SU and STVFOE I've really changed my opinions on. Personally, I don't really like SU.

I think it used to be good (particulary, Season 1 was pretty amazing, along with Season 2), but recently it's honestly been pretty bad, and I don't really like the direction the show's going. Now the show did have it's fair share of problems, continuity errors, inconsistencies, and plot holes in the first 2 seasons, but it was still pretty good overall, and I feel it could've been a lot better if they listened to more people's feedback and criticisms with the show, and used this to improve it, and fix the issues with it, or at least try to explain it, in a more logical way, but (IMO) the way they've been handling it is just awful. Instead of trying to fix the errors, and improve the show, all they've been doing is adding more and more problems and issues with it, to the point that (as I've said down below), the show has literally become NOTHING BUT A TRAINWRECK.

Though I did love what they did with Lars, now the character development they did for him was amazing, though I don't like the episode where he's a space captain, because none of it's really explained (how he got the ship, etc), and while I liked what they did with him earlier, now they're kind of starting to make him a Mary, or in this case, Gary-Stu.

I mean, it's interesting, but it honestly could be better and a lot of the times it's just boring, and plus, there are just a lot of loose ends to tie up, plot holes, and just things in general, that don't make sense. The show used to be good, but now it's kind of a trainwreck, and honestly, if it keeps up like this, I'm probably going to end up hating the show... or not the show in general, but just what it's become.

STVFOE, I like, but it's kind of annoying and aggravating at times, and just straight up stupid.
I just don't get the point of the show, is it supposed to a comedy, or like a slice-of-life type of thing, or is it even serious at all? I mean, in a few episodes it was, but it's a lot like SU with the tone problem/change.

A lot of SU is important, dramatic things about the plot, but later it also switches to a slice-of-life type of thing. Now this wouldn't be a problem, if it didn't happen so frequently. If it happened every once in a while, or after a long time, it would be okay, but it's happened so frequently that the tone change is honestly kind of jarring, and it kind of distracts me from the show. I think it just needs one tone, and the show/it'll need to stick with it, because either the show is about the gems, and space, or just about Earth, and it's citizens, but it's not both.

Favorite sitcom(s)?: I normally hate sitcoms, but I love That's So Raven, Wizards of Waverly Place and Drake and Josh. Out of all of them, those are the only ones I'll ever watch. I kinda like iCarly too, but only for nostalgia reasons.

Favorite episode from any tv show(s)?: Soos and The Real Girl from Gravity Falls, because I love yanderes.

I also love video games, pop culture, and basically anything that has to do with either Star Trek or Star Wars.

A little info about me:
Hello there! My name is iNachos10, and nice to meet you! :twilightsmile:
I am a writer, poet, artist, gamer, and lots of other things, I guess. :/
As for my hobbies, I love listening to music, playing video games, and watching Youtube videos.

Personality tests (though this probably isn't accurate): https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality (I got this one a long time ago, though, so I took the test again, and I got this. Here's another: http://www.humanmetrics.com/personality/estj
Also another: https://www.123test.com/ESTP-personality-type/

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Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:
What's it for?

I appreciate the fave on 'Roaring and Screaming". Glad you enjoyed! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch. :twilightsmile:

You did it to be the 300th didn't you? :ajsmug:

Thanks for the watch.

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