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It's been said that every time period is connected. Science cannot prove that a bend in Time-Space can happen, but it has.

When Megamen from every time period use their most powerful attacks in the same exact spot on earth, they rip open Time-Space and are flung to another dimention, one filled with ponies and magic. How will these creations of science survive protecting these magical ponies and warding off old and new enemies, not to mention each-other.

Link to the Knowledge Base: Megaman Knowledge Base

Megaman series belongs to Capcom
MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and the Almighty Lauren Faust
The image does not belong to me.

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It's been six months since Discord's return, and defeat, the Elements of Harmony and have settled and all is peaceful. Until the bit of chaos magic left over sucks the peaceful King Rufus the Intolerant (His full name is King Rufus the Lactose Intolerant) and his Gobbos from their island homes. This also brings their legendary hero, Croc, with them.

Characters from the video game, Croc-Legend of the Gobbos.

I do not own these characters.
Croc and the Gobbos are copyright of Sony and Fox
The ponies are copyright of Lauren Faust! (Kneel before her almighty power and ponies. KNEEL!)

I did not make the cover picture, Imp-Da-Cat did. Here! Have a URL to copy and paste. http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=Croc&order=9&offset=48#/d3biw6y

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Cortex has done it this time! In a mad quest to use the power crystals and the colored gems, he opened a portal to another earth. One he hoped to conquer without that bandicoot to stop him. But it was a save in the nick of time, as said bandicoot and his younger sister took all the clear gems and followed Cortex.

Nopony would have ever guessed that these three could cause so much trouble.

(I would like to give credit to Koromoshi from DeviantArt for the wonderful image! Also, this crossover is completely my idea, if it has been done before, I haven't seen it.)

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Rewritten and Revised: Thanks to FauxFox. All my current chapters are revised. I take credit for the idea, characters and general structure of this fanfiction. But credit goes to FauxFox for the editing and making the story a worthwhile read. THANKS FAUXFOX!

When Twilight finds an interesting subject on the Elements of Harmony, six stallions arrive in ponyville seeking homes. Twilight is distracted from the interesting subject and helps the stallions feel welcome.
But when a new evil lurks on the horizon, will the Elements of Harmony be enough?

(Cover image was made in GeneralZoi's Pony Creator Full Version, credit to her for the opportunity to give you all a visual representation of Firewing)

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