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Wolf Lord Eric Longtooth

Hello traveller, may the wolves guide your steps and the owls watch for your passage through these uncharted lands.

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Welcome to my page! Let me know if you want a pre-reader or an editor, and I'll see if I can help.

Also, Find me on Deviantart here:

(Not sure where I found my Avatar, but if anyone finds it, it's really good. (Please don't sue me ;-;))


News, Fics, and Hiatuses. · 11:07pm Monday

So, first off, I'm throwing Pawn into a Hiatus.
I've made some... really bad mistakes with that one, and it'll take some time to fix it. Because of it, I'm suffering a little bit of a motovation block with it.
But, for the good news, I've posted a new fic!
Heatbeats of Iron, maximum 4 chapters, minimum 2, most likely 3 chapters.
I'm planning on posting the next chapter by monday next week. (22/10, Australian)

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The crazy train is best train.

Np mate, thanks for the awesome fics. :D

Thanks for the follow!

I really appreciate that! Those kinds of comments are the reason I love writing so much~

Np mate! The Death fic of yours is amazing! :D

  • Viewing 69 - 73 of 73
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