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This is the story of a changeling named Sulfer. She is a rock star and loves every minute of it. So do her band mates, Frea and Jasper. They come from all walks of life, but never the less made it.

Rated T for angst, perhaps not appropriate for everyone lyrics , and alcohol.

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As Nocturna grew, she found a certain adoration for comic conventions. At a particularly fateful one, she tripped into a portal, and emerged in another world. She's apparently a queen from some ancient prophesy. The world awaited her first command. To which she replied, take me to your comicon. As the story progresses, hijinks ensue. Rated Teen for strong language.

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This story goes back before the time of his rule to explain that he wasn't always a cruel tyrant. Sombra once fell in love. He had a kid. He was happy. That all changed when somepony he helped betrayed him. Now, only hate fills his heart and fear conquered a broken colt. The crystal ponies have to pay.

Thanks to Alyssa Hartwick for the great cover art.

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