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[Anime] [School Life]
Faithful student Twilight Sparkles lives a normal pony's life in Canterlot's Magic school.
She enjoys being taught under her mentor, Princess Celestia, but one day during her normal sessions.
A lofty dragon under the name of Discords appears in Twilight's life and seduces her teacher!
Jealous, Twilight must find a way to remove Discord from her life.

Chapters (3)

[One Shot] [Iron Chef]
A new shop opens in ponyville...
An exotic shop from a far away land across the Equestrian sea.
It serves stir fried and noodle soups.
The cutie mark crusaders visit to taste the tastiest food they ever eaten!
After their meal they find out that future employees won't be coming.
So they decided to work there to see if it's their destiny

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The story starts with a young pony named, Yuji. He has an ordinary life in Ponyville going to Ponyville Academy.
After school when he was walking around, he finds that time had frozen, and only he was moving.
Two Rinnes appear and start to devour the lives of the frozen ponies around him, then attempt to capture Yuji as well.
Just when he was about to get eaten, a filly with red hair appears and destroys the monster.
She returns everything to normal and tries to walk away, but when Yuji sees fires in the bodies of some of the ponies and himself
He demanded to know whats going on.

Chapters (2)

[One Shot]
Changelings are low creatures.
They copy a host and assume their victim's lives.
After the canterlot wedding, the queen of changelings sent her finest
Changeling to bring chaos to Ponyville
This is the misadventure of a changeling in Ponyville
[Tags: confusing, deception, love, sex, and magic]

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[One shot]
Follow the story of a young colt. His name's Aki.
His family moves to Ponyville due to work and
after few weeks working on the fields. Aki encounters,
some problems in school
[Tags: life, boxes, reference, farm, school, Seikatsu]

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Team Badass:
Twenty years later since the Mane 6 united, they have become popular across all of equestria.
But too popular to protect ponyville.
Now it is up to Team Badass to put villains in their place!
[Tags: that, team, is, bad, fucking, ass, motha, fucka]

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Welcome to the 40k Era, read the dark amazing story in the universe of Warhammer 40k: Dawn of friendship.
After the Luna Hersey, Primarch Twilight must embark an adventure with Primarchs, RainbowDash, and AppleJack, to protect the Imperium of Pony against the forces of chaos.

Chapters (3)