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In the wake of the return of the fallen alicorns Chroma and Echidna, Baroness Adagio Dazzle and Dame Suri Polomare have been dispatched to the Lunar Kingdom, to reassure its nobility that the newly rediscovered Elements of Harmony shall not be turned against them. But what should have been a simple and uneventful trip goes dramatically wrong when Baroness Dazzle claims to be able to defeat the dreaded Ursa Major. When challenged to live up to her boasts, Adagio must either find a way to conquer the mightiest of the denizens of the Everfree, or else be publically humiliated and driven from the Lunar Kingdom in shame...

A story of The Rainsverse. Rating for some explicit descriptions of violence.

Chapters (1)

For years, the Flim Flam brothers have roamed the Heartlands, selling the proceeds of their artificing skills and searching for a patron who will provide the funding and protection that they need to bring their dreams to life. In the wake of her defeat of the mad alicorn Chroma, they have sought out Baroness Adagio Dazzle, hoping that the newest star on the Heartland's political scene will be willing to aid them. Baroness Dazzle is happy enough to give them a chance to prove their skills, but they will have more trials than simply those of engineering and salesponyship to overcome if they wish to win the grand prize...

A story of the Rainsverse. Rating for some fairly suggestive language.

Chapters (4)

When Lyra and Carrot Top are invited to the festival of Sommerswerd, the cervidic celebration of the transition from Spring to Summer, they hope against hope that it will prove merely a pleasant vacation. But there are other powers and other forces at work, and the two Elements of Harmony soon find themselves drawn into the games and conspiracies of the Lords and Ladies of the Fae. Luna only knows whether they shall make it out alive... and sane.

A story of the Lunaverse. Rating for some rather brutal and vicious monsters and a few suggestive scenes.

WARNING: This story may include spoilers for Contest Of Champions.

Chapters (6)

Someone has written a play about the Element's defeat of Corona. And the Elements are going to see it. Surely it will be a paragon of accuracy and storytelling, right? Right?

A canon story of the Lunaverse. Rating for lots of very sloppy makeouts.

Chapters (6)

Apple Bloom thought she was just having a bit of harmless fun, but it's led to permanent and deadly serious consequences. How long can she hide the evidence of her misdeeds from her family, and just how bad will it be when they find out?

A story of the Lunaverse, but knowledge of that 'verse is not required to understand this story. Very Crack-y and most definitely non-canon.

Chapters (1)
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