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I am a huge hiker and a HUGE fan of the Colorado Rapids. I love Adopt a Human stories, especially when the human gets to ride one of the mane 6 or Royalty. I'm not a monster. Don't judge. :P

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When Nate and his two friends go to the park to play football, things aren't normal. The weather, the odd smells in the breeze, and most notably the squeaky voice that seems to come from nowhere. Nate and co. might not know it, but Twilight Sparkle and co. will:

Pinkie Pie has gone transdimensional.

Which also means Nate, Teddy, and Francis are in for one heck of an adventure.

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Equestria boasts its loving ways, but deep down, there is an empty feeling. A feeling that, somehow, their lives aren't complete. Christians nowadays would call it a god shaped hole in their hearts.

And, as always, God cares for everyone (and everypony), so he sends his only son on yet another mission of salvation.

Chapters (1)
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