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I'm just a guy who likes Dragons, Transformers, and MLP....specifically Spike

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When an unknown evil arrives in world of Equestria Twilight ,Spike and their friends will learn some times the brightest light of hope can come from darkest of sources as the ponies of Ponyville wake to find their town covered in a strange layer of ice. Only after discovering one among them may be able to rid the town of the ice does the creature responsible show its self, bringing forth devastation the world of Equestria has never before seen.

story takes place after season 7, but before season 8
And I do not own nor did I make any pictures and videos that may be used within the story.
Pictures and or videos are used only for the purpose of providing a general description of a character's/objects appearance as I can't draw and am not good enough at writing to describe much of anything.

Many concepts used may very well be inspired by outside sources, and such if anything within the story seems oddly similar, please understand I am in no way trying to take credit for anything.
Special thanks to Zap4th for pre-reading:derpytongue2:

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