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Joining the fandom was probably the greatest thing in my life. I'm more focused towards the show, so I like it when stories are cannon. I still enjoy random stories as long as there is no rule 34.

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I'm an occasional gamer, I wanted to call myself a huge gamer but I don't think that's the case. I mainly play GTA V and Black Ops 3 on Steam. I like to code when I don't have anything else to do. I know a lot about LUA code and a bit of C++. Code and stories are both written, who knows, maybe I'll end up liking writing stories. Right now I'm following a group of developers who are working on a game called Legends of Equestria. I can't wait when they open their servers for good this December! I believe games are just games. I may play GTA and CoD, but I'm a person who doesn't belive in violence. I strongly belive in equality, I may not like Starlight Glimmer's idea of getting rid of ponie's talents to make them completely equal, but I do belive everyone should be treated equal. I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life.

I'm usually very open about being a brony on the internet, but not so much in real life. Only one particular person knows me in real life and it happens to be a very good friend of mine. I found out he truly was a friend when he accepted who I am when I told him I was a brony. Heck, he isn't even a brony in the first place!

There are many friendly people in the fandom. I love reading fanfics as long as they are not too disturbing. And by disturbing I mostly mean ALL the so called "clopfics." I can't belive people enjoy reading these. Still, that doesn't mean I have something against cloppers though, as long as they don't talk to me about it I'm ok with them. I personally don't like crossovers unless they really make sense. The idea of "ponifying" everything is kind of crazy to be honest. I like the Equestria in the show as of now and I belive it doesn't need to be changed.

I'm planning on writing a story in the future. I know "Human in Equestria" stories are very common but I'll try my best to make it unique. I will also make sure it makes as much sense as possible by making sure these simple questions are always answered with a yes: Would a specific character really do or say that? Would that really happen in Equestria? (Aside from a Human suddenly appearing)

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