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Rebranding the story · 1:59am May 5th, 2018

Don't worry I'm only making light changes to the story, such as changing faction names along with other small things. Since Risen is not a direct FOE story but an inspiration of one I feel I should do this

Report Krellak · 66 views · Story: Risen · #Risen #Fallout Equestria #Destiny
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Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!

Thanks for the follow. IF you need me to edit again I will, but I've got a few stories to get through first.

You ain't the only one, lol. I just posted for an editor and hope to get one soon. The idea I've had has me obsessed over Fo:E that I've literally made sculptures of the characters in my story as well as concept arts to keep me on track.

An adventure story. A huge fan of Fallout Equestria so I wanted to do my own thing. I plan to make this a long one

I thought I was the only one doing something like this. Guess I'm wrong but had a feeling it would sprout up some time. Anyways what kind of story you hoping for? Also nice to meet you.

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