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A Fic/weapon/ability concept brainstormer. Ask for an idea, I'll give you one.

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Pacific Rim: The Conversion Bureau · 6:37am August 16th

Takes place after the first movie. (The events of the second don't happen.) a breach into Equestria appears in the middle of the Pacific, the ponies being Jaeger sized. Peace talks go well, until Celestia demands that the humans surrender in 2 years. During this time, the humans work with another Equestria, (Anthro, and human sized) who are dealing with the same problem. This friendly Equestria has been making massive golems that require 2 pilots to defend against attacks. Each pony race has

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M'kay, and read my fics.


I'll be sure to get to it:raritywink:. In the meantime, you can check out my story if you'd like:twilightsmile:. I think it's something you'll really enjoy:pinkiehappy:!

You're welcome, waiting for that fic based on Despacito (It hurts to write it.) to come out!

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