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It doesn't matter if you're rich, if you're poor, if you're a regular person or furry...I'll still be an asshole to you.

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Luna is enjoying a picnic under the moonlight, away from her duties. And Celestia. She is using this time to think about some....past events.

Art owned by:

Go check out her (I'm assuming) art.

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In the world of Realm, where many, many worlds clashed together to form one massive planet, equestria resides far above, a place where anything can live in peace, ruled by the wise Council of Sisters. But not all want to live there. Some don't even want to live on land. Some want to live.....Underwater.

Welcome to Raptantis, Hybrid city.

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I'm sent to Equestria in the body of my r/Bossfight character. Join me/us as I/we have adventures, talk to NPC's, go on quests, and fight bosses.

Anybody who has an r/Bossfight character, doesn't matter what level, may request to place their character in the story to fight, and adventurize with mine.

If anybody could make/find a better cover picture for me, for free, that'd be great!

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A Displaced story, staring me! I go to comic-con, somehow managing to actually get moulah (Money), as my Bioshock fan character, the Big Brother. Why's he so special? He is like a lightweight Big Daddy, not as mobile as the Big Sister, but more so than the Big Daddies. I'm missing an EVE Hypo prop for my costume, which I buy from a merchant. Do I give a shit about what shit I'm in? Hell no, I now can actually use Plasmids.

Oh yeah, the Big Brother has no weapons, but dual-wields Plasmids.

I'm just going to say that ADAM is technically a Narcotic, hence the tag.

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A bit of worldbuilding for my (Hopefully best, and is so far) series Titanfall: Equestria.

I'm not trying to make a different Fallout: Equestria.

Play Dwarf Fortress.

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