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It doesn't matter if you're rich, if you're poor, if you're a regular person or furry...I'll still be an asshole to you.

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Bloodwork · 9:57pm Jul 8th, 2019

Holy fuck, it sucks harder then a hooker on christmas.

I got it done about two days ago and had a mini-seizure, which apparently happens to some others as a reaction.

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And if you want any of them, go ahead. I know this is a bit forward, but if something interests you, even a specific character, I'll tell you anything you'd like.

Have a good day!

Yeah. I do it as courtesy. I'm not very active anymore. If any of my fics spark enjoyment, remember that they're effectively done.

Your comment on leeroy_gIBZ "Crystal Apocalypse" followed by seeing your biography made me think you're worth following.
And... you followed you because I followed you?

You followed me, so I followed me back. May I ask why you followed me?

  • Viewing 344 - 348 of 348
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