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Feel lonely? Need an editor? A proofreader? Somebody to talk to? Write me. I've been detached from this fandom, I want to make up for it.


I used to live a hollow life until I met somebody more hollow than me.
The shreds of what she left behind patched the void in my heart.

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Twilight knew it was going to be hard to be a Princess, but she didn't expect such a mental challenge from a subject. About something so trivial. Just out of nowhere.
It's not the fact that somepony finds her attractive. It's not the fact that he's so blunt about it either. She doesn't even find him rude, or creepy, or threatening, or anything.
But she's not going to let it go until she proves that he's wrong.

In short time, her mental sanity is at stake.

Written for Aragon's comedy contest. Prompt: We learned something Direct.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete it in time.
This story will be about 8 chapters and 12k words long.

Chapters (2)

Rarity has many flaws but she does her best to become a better sister for her little Sweetie Belle.

Unfortunately, that might not be enough.

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A compendium of short stories that I fill as I have some random ideas for... comedy, I guess?

Because I can't upload a story with less than 1.000 words and I'm too lazy to fit all my sketches into long and decent stories with a plot.

I'll just flow my raw material here. There won't be a regular update, this is basically my trash can for all the ideas that pops into my head and I also find remotely funny.
I think that most of these sketches are 'meh' at best, but it should an enjoyable reading. I mean, unless you have literally anything else to do.

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Achieving her dream wasn’t easy for Rainbow Dash.

Obviously, almost every little pegasus dreams of becoming a Wonderbolt when they’re still naive, but most of them realize how few flyers really have what it takes to get in their rank. Yet, Rainbow Dash never discouraged and went against every obstacle.

So, when she finally achieve her dream, she can’t help but feel a gleaming sensation of winning.

A few weeks later, a reunion of students from Flight Schools comes close. She’s so eager to go. . .

Set up during the P.P.O.V. episode.

Thanks to Krickis for editing.

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This story is a sequel to Six Months

After almost losing her girlfriend due to her copy of this world, Sunset Shimmer is curious to find out about her human counterpart. However, nothing could have prepared for what she is about to learn.

I borrowed the story of this guy and used as a prequel. If you want to read more about SunShy then I recommend to go reading his stories A chance and Six months. I'll give my priority to the drama in this story.

Special thanks to:
Krickis, who made this story 20% cooler.
elmago02, for inspiring and helping me.

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Have you ever read one of those heartwarming or tearing stories about Derpy being a single mother? This is not one of those.

Written after seen "The cart before the ponies", this is meant to be a parody of the episode and all the stories where Derpy is Dinky's mother. Also I'm trying to early counterattack the stories where Derpy is a mother of this little pony in the cover.

I love Derpy mom, and parody is the biggest declaration of love. This story is meant to be full of meta-humor.

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Everyone who knows Rainbow Dash also knows she's a tomboy, and everyone doubts she is interested in boys, or in romance at all.

Should they make a bet on who will stay single all life long, they would probably pick her. Even though a lot of people find her attractive, she just repel everything that could make her look like a "girly girl".

But what if she had a secret crush on somebody? And what if her secret was revealed?

Rated T as a suggestion and a rap reference, actually enjoyable by Everyone (I hope).
Written for August MacDash contest.

Chapters (7)

Sometimes we discover something about ourselves. Sometimes we're afraid of it, about how others could react to this new truth. Especially our beloved ones. At those times, we can't allow to be driven by fear.

Labeled as "Incomplete" but this could be the only chapter and continue in a sequel, see the footnote of the chapter to see why.

Hope you enjoy, please point out grammatical issues.
Thank for your support

Edited 29/6/2016 with the help of Raw Cringe

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After 1000 years of dreamless sleep, finally Celestia has the chance to reconcile with somepony she loves.
Now that Her sister, princess Luna, returned from her exile, it should be easy to be friends again.

First a big thank to my friend P, who helped me editing this story.

I consider the story completed, but I also have a little Idea for a continuation.
Maybe as an extra chapter or maybe as a sequel...

Chapters (1)
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