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No Nose Update · 12:03am Nov 5th, 2017

So, for all of you who are wondering and asking when the next chapter of No Nose Knows will be unleashed, I have news.

Good news! Good news! Don't panic! I'm still writing away. In fact, the chapter is done and there's a good chance you will be reading this with the new chapter.

But one of the main reasons I started writing fanfics was to see where I needed to improve. I know I'm not the best of writers, but this seemed like a good way to get an idea of where I was lacking.

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Fan art! Woo! · 11:44pm Oct 28th, 2017

All right. Seems I have more fan art to showcase and give much appreciation for!

This comes from 5bap, and it's way awesome and sweet! Sometimes a Bean just needs some Celly lovin. :rainbowkiss: Be sure to go give 5bap some thanks for the art! I sure did!

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More fan art?! · 12:13am Oct 25th, 2017

Seriously. I write a dumb story about a yellow pony and for some reason people like it!

This fine art comes courtesy of Backlash91, and it's a pretty sweet look for Baked Bean. Go give Backlash some lovin' for being so awesome!

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Milepost · 5:07pm Oct 4th, 2017

Yep. No Nose Knows hit another milestone.

Which one, you ask?

Why, the most important out of all.

Word count! :twilightsmile:

I am now #4,967 on the site in word count! Cracked the top 5,000, yeah! :rainbowwild:

Here's to making it into the top 4,000 next!

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Sipioc Strikes Again! · 9:00pm Oct 3rd, 2017

I'm just going to put this here and let it speak for itself. :raritystarry:

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AGAIN! · 1:16pm Sep 9th, 2017

Ok. Here's what I want everyone to do:
1. Go to Sipioc's page and tell him how amazing his artwork is.
2. Check out his Dragon King stories. They're awesome. :rainbowkiss:

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Still Geeking Out! · 11:54pm Sep 8th, 2017

Ok, ok ok ok.
I woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head.
Made my way downstairs and drank a cup, and I looked up my little FimFiction account.

What's this?

A pm from Sipioc?!


The right most awesome Sipioc made a fan art of Baked Bean, the unwitting lead in No Nose Knows!

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500 · 2:05pm Aug 18th, 2017

So I'm not quite sure when it happened, but No Nose Knows hit 500 views.

That, to me, is amazing.

The idea for it popped into my head while I was writing The Black Sheep, and I wrote down the basic idea of the story before going back. I then released The Black Sheep and quickly saw that it needed some refinements. Several good suggestions how to improve were given in the comments, and I used those to write the first chapter of No Nose Knows.

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Cracked the top 50! · 8:06pm Aug 4th, 2017

So I get into the Popular Now section on my mobile device, and I peruse the stories that are presented. Suddenly, I see a familiar title!
Will You Dream For Me, Dear Sister!
I then go back and count. My humble little submission is 45 on the list.

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