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Hi, I became an MLP:FiM fan because of a traumatic event. I had decided to take advantage of the show's famous heartwarming moments as a means of helping my recovery. Then I just got hooked.

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Merry Shine, a Mary Sue, is completely sick of continuously being so perfect, flawless, and boring.

So, having finally reached her breaking point, she has decided that it is quitting time.

But first, she has to go and put an end to the author's horrible writing.

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Pinkie has to fight a supervillain as part of a very random and nonsensical oneshot before she can spend time with her friend Twilight.

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A PER cell has been separated from their stockpiled supply of the ponification potion, and now they're on the run. One Monday night, around 11:30 PM, they find and take refuge in an abandoned pizzeria.

But just when they were about to finally get some sleep, the place suddenly became much more active.

And now they're in for one long hell of a night...

Abandoned do to a lack of interest and ideas. Up for adoption.

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[Original Concept: Galactus Eats the Conversion Bureau]
Page Image: https://pk-artist.deviantart.com/art/Galactus-Reimagined-287466515 (EDIT: It seems that this image has been removed from Deviantart.)
During the final days of the Conversion War, a fed up Twilight Sparkle attempted to overthrow Queen Soleste, formerly known as Princess Celestia. She failed and, as punishment, was banished to the stars.

While there, a powerful entity discovered, freed, and remade her as his new herald.

Now, two years later, after Equestria had won the war, she has returned...

Wow, I never imagined that this would become one of the 09/13/2016 Popular Stories!

New Readers: I was basically writing this off the seat of my pants, as such I have compiled two different versions of the whole story as the final two chapters. The only difference between them is that the second-to-last chapter has filler content, while the last chapter does not. Please keep this in mind. Thank you.

I have recently cleaned up this story, thus removing almost all redundancies.

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The Conversion Bureaus. They exist throughout existence. They shouldn't, yet they do. A cancer wrecking havoc across reality. But, much like time, the multiverse is a living thing. To travel through it is to rip and tear at it. Hurting it. All organisms have a "fight or flight" response. However, the multiverse is incapable of fleeing, it can only cower in fear. However, all parallel universes are different. There is a "flow" within the time-space continuum. Fluctuations in nth-dimensional thermodynamics. And, because of unforeseen variables and recent errors in the calculation of quantum metaphysics, the multiverse can at last fight back.
These are some tales of how Equestrian Conversion Bureaucracies experience the true, ultimate consequences of the Law of Excession Under An Alien Sun: they must face an Outside-Context Problem.

This is a Twilight Zone-esque take on MLP:FiM fanfiction "The Conversion Bureau" sub-genre.

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