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Sci-twi has decided to come out to her family about her sexual preference and the fact that she is already dating one of her friends. The only problem for her is that, much to her embarrassment and confusion, everybody already knows and has shipped her with somebody else in their head! From her mother shipping her with everyone's favorite animal lover to Celestia betting two purple haired girls to great together. Twilight learns the hard way that not only does everybody ship, but everybody apparently ships her.

I'm rating it teen and putting the sex warning. I doubt I'll get much more than VERY inappropriate and suggestive but I rather be safe than sorry. If the urge strikes me, I may 'expand' on the more or less mini mini stories that I am using to pad out full chapters into actual chapters themselves or may expand beyond those I have planned currently that are 'shipping Twilight'. It will depend upon how popular this gets and how much interest I get in it, I suppose.

To be clear, this will take place Post-Friendship Games.

And yes, I do know it's probably a bit on the non-sense side, but the kind of comedy I love and love to write often does push that. So I hope you enjoy.

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