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a R E - Y o U - eDibLE ? - T H e - A n S w e R - m a Y - S U R P r i S e - y O U

For the safety of the general public

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Thank you for the favorite on my story!
I will see to it that it is deserved! :pinkiehappy:

Just trying to support what we love.:moustache:

Love the name by the way.:rainbowlaugh:


No thanks needed you two, I found new fiction content creators I enjoy and they’re Gold tier patreon supporters of the site.

Thank you very much for the follow, we shall endeavor to make it worth your while. :twilightsmile:


Big Mac speaks his mind, I quite enjoyed it. had fun reading it during a wait in the doc’s office.
Also I like the user quote, so cheers

  • Viewing 46 - 50 of 50
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Instructums inclear · 7:23pm January 11th

My phalic genitalia has become painfully ensnared within an air conditioning appliance due to my understanding of provided instructions pertaining to a currently unspecified task being notably inadequate.

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