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Hi everypony! I'm a huge fan of Appledash shipping, loves to have fun and make friends smile, loves to draw and sing, and i guess thats it for now!

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I'm Thinking of... · 6:10pm Jun 30th, 2016

I'm thinking of writing a fanfic with the crystal gems entering the pony world and trying to find their way back home, but Peridot and Lapis have a crush on each other and they don't know it yet.


Look I've been into Lapidot lately and wanted to write a fic with them in it. :facehoof: If you Lapidot shippers think I should write go ahead and comment below.

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I think I'm getting more evil by the minute seeing how I wrote this...

Applejack decide to place a wedding ring box in front the cyan pegasus.

“Why AJ, is this a proposal?” Rainbow question, with a smirk.

“In your dreams,” Applejack reply

When the two ain't getting ship.

Hey, thanks for the watch!

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