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Weird thing keeps happening. · 4:16am Monday

On occasion, when I come back to fimfic, my "view NSFW" and "night mode" settings have been toggled off. Why is this? It's minor, but irritating.

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Feeling tired and hopeless. · 12:01am Saturday

Anybody got any news on good things happening? Something to look forward to? Or at least an indication not everything might be doom and despair.

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Anyone else have this problem? · 10:11pm June 21st

Recently, I've been having an issue where I'll try to start writing, but my confidence will just entirely drain, and I'll be really slow writing because I'm unsure of myself and my ability to make a scene good.

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Gotta love morning panic · 1:46pm May 26th

Woke up late to discover my phone wouldn't turn on. Panicked, since all my work and lots of irreplaceable photos are on it.

Managed to fix it, but hell. What a way to wake up.

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A Moment of Nostalgia · 7:35pm May 20th

So, I just saw the Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers movie.

No spoilers, but I liked it. It was really good.

But after, I started feeling... weird.

I don't think I've ever felt genuinely nostalgic before.

You see, that series was what originally got me into writing.

It was a little less than ten years ago, if I recall. (Don't call me on that. My memory is awful, and the years tend to blend together.)

I was a teenager, in a hotel room for some reason. I don't remember why.

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Little Update · 2:36am April 26th

Bloodhound might be late this month. I went through a bit of an emotional roller coaster, involving some significant recovery time. I'm gonna work my ass off to finish, but then it still needs time for prereading and editing.

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New chapter of Bloodhound up! · 2:20am April 1st

Right here!

This one was getting long, so I decided to just finish and post it, and work other scenes I had planned into the next chapter.

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Bloodhound Update · 6:15am March 17th

Finally seem to have cracked my writer's block. Got another scene done. I think I'll just post it on the usual day, when it's done.

I'm happy with myself on this chapter. I feel like I'm doing a good job so far.

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Updates · 8:46pm February 28th

New commissioned story will be going up later tonight.

Bloodhound next chapter will be late. Had a bad case of writer's block that set me behind, and I don't want to rush it out. It's not done and it still needs to be edited after that.

I feel like crap, and had to work all damn weekend to catch up on commissions. So I'm in a foul mood. But I'm dragging myself forward.

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Any good groups for getting feedback on in-progress stories? · 4:34pm February 11th

Pretty much what the title says. Either in form of views or comments. Many of my stories are still in-progress, and I don't get many comments on them that will help me improve as the stories go on.

I'm always hesitant to add my stories that aren't finished to review groups, because few specify (at least from what I've found, but I could be wrong.) if they only accept finished stories.

Can anyone reccomend a good group to get some comments and feedback?

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