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The Emperor Protects. Always.

"The Philosophy of Power and the Logic of Today" - Ragnar Redbeard

Might was Right when Caesar bled upon the stones of Rome,
Might was Right when Genghis led his hordes over Danube's foam,
And Might was Right when German troops poured down through Paris way,
It's the Gospel of the Ancient World and the Logic of Today.
Behind all Kings and Presidents - all government and law,
Are army-corps and canoneers to hold the world in awe.
And sword-strong races own the earth and ride the Conqueror's Car --
And liberty has never been won except by deeds of war.
What are the lords of horded gold - the silent Semite rings -
High pontiffs, priests and kings?
What are they but bold master-minds, best fitted for the fray
Who comprehend and vanquish by - the Logic of Today.
Cain's knotted club is scepter still - the "Right of Man" is fraud.
Christ's Ethics are for creeping things - true manhood smiles at "God".
For Might is Right when empires sink in storms of steel and flame;
And it is RIGHT when weakling breeds are hunted down like game.
Then what's the use of dreaming dreams, that each shall "get his own"
By forceless votes of meek-eyed thralls, who blindly sweat and moan?
No! A curse is on their cankered brains -- their very bones decay:
Go: Trace your fate in the Iron Game, it's the Logic of Today.
The strong must ever rule the weak, is grim Primordial Law.
On earth's broad racial threshing floor, the meek are beaten straw.
Then ride to power o'er foemen's neck - let NOTHING bar your way:
If you are FIT you'll Rule and Reign, is the Logic of Today.
You must prove you're Right by deeds of Might of splendor and renown.
If need be, die on scaffold high in the morning's misty gray.
For "Liberty or Death" is still the Logic of Today.
Might was Right when Gideon led the "chosen" tribes of old.
And it was right when Titus burnt their temple roofed with gold:
And Might was Right from Bunker's Hill, to far Manilla Bay,
By land and flood it's writ in blood - the Gospel of Today.
"Put not your trust in princes" is a saying old and true
"Put not your hope in governments" translateth it anew.
All "Books of Law" and "Golden Rules" are fashioned to betray:
"The Survival of the Strongest" is the Gospel of Today.
Might was Right when Carthage flames lit up the Punic foam;
And when the naked steel of Gaul weighed down the spoil of Rome;
And Might was Right when Richmond fell - and at Thermopylae -
It's the logic of the Ancient World and the Gospel of Today.
Where pendant suns in millions swing around this whirling earth,
It's Might, It's Force that holds the brakes, and steers through Death and Birth:
Force governs all organic life, inspires all Right and Wrong.
It's nature's plan to weed out man and TEST who are the strong.

Shit that I listen to. Don't like it? Fuck off.

(Will be updated every now and then)

Commissar, I would like to see this city built up again. I would like to see towers and spires of gleaming white. I would like to see our men on parade routes, not tours of duty! I WOULD LIKE TO SEE EVERY CITY ON THIS PLANET, EVERY COLONY ON THIS BESOTTED, MISERABLE SYSTEM TURNED TO THE SERVICE AND INDUSTRY OF THE IMPERIUM IN THE EMPEROR'S NAME!

-Governor General Vance "Motherfucking" Stubbs, Dawn of War, Soulstorm


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Merry Christmas! :twilightsmile:

And a happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

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Thanks for the follow!

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In case I get permabanned.

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