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Just some dude trying to get a few laughs and have some fun

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Sweet, 4 followers!! Thats soo cool! But whats with the lack of comments? AM I JUST NOT COOL ENOUGH TO GET SOME!?!? But seriously, i gotta know whats up. What worked for you guys? What did you love in these stories to make you want to follow me? If you tell me i can better tailor the stories for you guys and make it more enjoyable. Say your peace in the comments section to see some change or to stay just the way you like it!

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Would you be willing to take a request for here?

I understand

Yeah im great, uh not sure when i left DA but im back on there now. I come and go because i dont have a large amt of time to write or draw anymore so i dont post as much

Hey you ok dude? I heard you left deviantart

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