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Naive Nourishment - Poem · 5:53pm May 21st, 2018

The show so sweet

The show so adorable and naive

How I love your existence in this dark and grim reality of fiction

Your writing excellent (mostly)

Bringing adults together into the childish

Penetrating into the world which we call the mature

Give me your smiles you pones,

and I will survive another day of the daily grind

Another day of disappointment

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Look Before You Sleep Episode - Poem · 5:52pm May 21st, 2018

Sad, Twilights childhood have been

No friends to play with

So she writes a book, to imagine the happiness such memories would bring

Thankfully, Twilight now has friends to which her childhood can reconnect

But her friends are being immature

Which ruins her case study

And her bedroom too

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Fluttershy (Season 1) - Poem · 5:51pm May 21st, 2018

The element of kindness, she claims to be

However scared and useless, she often seems

Causing avalanches and slowing her friends down

Willing to sacrifice Equestria

Unless the danger is at her gown

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Pony · 9:10pm Sep 26th, 2017

Draw the simple draw, where the pony is expressed.
See through her eyes and witness, the beauty, that is her world.
The friends that she meet every day.
To a world uncomplicated, with only cakes and large soirees.
Yet in the dark forests, and open plains, across the seas and in to the east, there darkness lay.
Even amongst the pony kind, darkness fester, but such is nothing the pony kind cannot pester.
For friendship is what they hold dear, and love, they cannot falter.

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Princess of... · 7:14pm May 24th, 2017

"(...) It was far too naive to think friendship could solve everything. Though her heart still longed for those blissful days with her friends, and she knew life could never be the same again. Despite this, she knew friendship had served her well in the past, an important cornerstone of pony culture, one that unites them and is far too precious to give up. It was a fine line - a line that must be tread carefully.

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War Time Empress · 7:30pm May 23rd, 2017

"(...) The castle echoed sadly as Twilight trotted over the marble floor. All the windows were barred, shattered from a battle long ago. They had not bother fixing them as such resources and manpower were needed elsewhere and it made the castle feel more gloomy, more empty, than ever before.

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Prepare for Combat · 6:24pm May 22nd, 2017

"(...) The wind blew strongly against her face as she soared through the sky, her vision obstructed by a thick cloud surrounding her. Frost formed on her mane, making the cold air chill through her coat, her movements feeling stiff and unresponsive. But as she reached above the clouds, she felt the sun’s warming light rejuvenate her, melting the frost and making her body flexible again. With closed eyes and facing the sun, she took a deep breath in an effort to stop her shivering (...)"

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Love-Hate relationship · 3:04pm Apr 18th, 2017

I hate my story.... but I also love it.

I want to finish it but I can't.

Nothing feels right.

I've waited too long to finish it, but I will.

This is punishment for my negligence

Equestria at War

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Gilda: Season One - Poem · 6:56pm Dec 9th, 2016

Friends with ponies,

a Griffon can never be

Lame are the ponies for the pranks that they sortie

But roaring at Fluttershy,

Pinkie Pie could never forgive

Turning Gilda into a jokester

And ruining her friendship with the only pony she considered as great as she


Anon Pie's Adventure - Poem · 6:43pm Dec 8th, 2016

In a world of ponies he is sent

A threat to them all he doesn’t want to present

To find a mare to call his wife is what he must do

To prevent from exploding

and ruin the world he’d come to

A tribute poem to my favorite fan made MLP comic: Anon Pie's Adventure. Everyone that is fan of mlp should seriously check it out. The art is amazing!

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