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Writing is my passion and hobby. Join me and follow along for whimsical adventures both fun and sad, romantic and dark, and adventurous and quaint if that is your fancy.


Bart, cursed by a debilitating disease which afflicts his mental stability, spends the vast majority of his days at the Saint Junivus Psychiatric Ward. He faces a constant uphill struggle to piece apart reality and fantasy, and he is dogged to do it alone.

When a global outbreak changes everything about his already shaky reality, he must explore what life means to him. The ETS (Equine Transformation Syndrome) pandemic could become his salvation... or it could become the very thing that forever breaks his mind.

This story shares the same universe as Pandemic by ASGeek2012 and Pandemic: What you are Meant to Be by Halira

Note: If you find any details that conflicts with either story, or you interpret the details as something that conflicts, let me know. I intend to do my best to keep this story to cannon with Geek's universe.

Edit: Had a slight mistake with the series tag. I rectified it.

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A lonely ponnequin, bound by the laws of physics, stood still among the livelihood of one marvelously hospitable owner, Rarity. Over the course of its stay, it watched her maintain a tireless routine while still managing to make time for her friends and family.

By studying Rarity's interactions with others and the hard work she put into her dresses, the ponnequin grew to know her. As the days passed, it was soon overcome with a longing to experience the wonders of life beyond the four corners of its home, to achieve everything that she had that it could never hope to attain.

Through these extenuating circumstances, it began to ponder the meaning of its existence. Would it ever know what it felt like to walk or talk, or would it be destined to remain forever still?

Special thanks to the following people for making this work possible!




Free Shavacado

Also special thanks to everyone in the Reviewers Cafe for emotional support throughout this journey.

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When Starlight tampers with the past and prevents the Sonic Rainboom, it is up to Twilight to stop her. Their conflict, however, becomes one uphill struggle after another. Twilight and Spike have endured countless changes to the present. Whether it be an Equestria ruled by King Sombra, or their whole society being reduced to tribalism in the wake of the changeling attack, there seems to be no way for Twilight and Spike to resolve this situation peacefully.

In the aftermath of their fight, they find themselves trapped within the barren wastelands of Equestria. Now, they must find a way back to the past and set everything right before all hope of a bright future for them is lost. Will they succeed, or will the harsh environment of the wastelands be the end of them?

This is the first of three stories lined up in my 50 follower special, written as thanks for all the support that I have been given since joining this site. Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

Proofread by princeps, a simply amazing friend.

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Hello, this is the part where I, the narrator, would normally name myself to you, the reader, but I am afraid that such a label would be meaningless by comparison to the lighted-hearted satirical nature of this venture. If you feel the compunction to call me something, however, then you may dub me Mr. Whiskers.

For those of you interested in reading a tale of dramatic woe, I would caution you. This is not the story for you. While it is certainly true that Tim's narrative here begins in one of melancholy, being plucked from his home in some remote universe and transported to Equestria, his tale is anything but sad. Indeed, it is one of chaos.

Chapter 1 is proofread by PoisonClaw and princeps
Additional editing is done by TheDizzyDan
Artwork provided by Lome

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This story is a sequel to More Than a Memory

Velvet's sickness was perhaps the least endearing quality about her, and yet when it became apparent that her health would only continue to deteriorate, it seemed to be the only thing that her close ones seemed to concern themselves with when they spoke to her. Instead of filling their last days of her with lasting memories of who she was and the passions in her life, they would ask her how she was feeling or tell her how they'd pray for her well-being. Her friends and associates distancing themselves from her so as to prepare for the worst, possibly out of their own fear of death, she becomes more alone in her final days. The one exception to this is her dearest friend, Pen Name.

When Velvet had first met Pen Name, a name he'd given himself when he'd finally made his mark in the world of literature, at a coffee shop, he had only just started out in his career as an author. Though he lacked experience, the funny witticisms and profound passion he shaped into his stories moved her in a way that inevitably led to them growing closer as friends. In her dying days it was the memories of their budding companionship that she desired to make long-lasting once she was gone.

This work was inspired by Nugget. Thank you, Nugget! :twilightsmile:
Now audio read by Wandering Mare! Here's a link for the audio reading.

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Pound and Pumpkin are just one year old, but they know how to have a good time when their parents, Mr. And Mrs. Cake are away. Their babysitter, Pinkie Pie, is usually aware of their shenanigans, but even she is not immune to an overload of cuteness from time to time.

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Starlight Glimmer's reformation under Twilight's tutelage had only just begun. As the Princess of Friendship's student, Starlight Glimmer still had a lot to learn in the ways of friendship. This is no easy feat, yet her teacher had no doubt in her ability, so she was destined for success, right? Nothing could possibly stop this from becoming a reality.

When a new threat arises from the depths of who-knows-where to attack the kingdom of Equestria and kidnap Twilight Sparkle in the process, Starlight is forced to learn years worth of friendship in just a matter of days as they track the one responsible for this atrocity down. Banded together, will she and the rest of the harmonies of friendship be able to save Twilight Sparkle? Only time will tell...

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Hearth's Warming Eve is a holiday to celebrate the coming together of the three great pony clans under a united pony nation through love. Everypony knows this story, recounted countless times by believers of the mythical ancient deities of Equestria to ward off their evil spirits.

But there is a more sinister and dark past to behold, one that is known to nopony alive today. What horror awaits us inside?

Inspired by stories on creepypasta. My first horror-ish fic I've ever done, but I'm confident that this will be something that I will be pleased with when I'm done with it. It's taken in the first person perspective if Silver Spoon.

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In each of these light-hearted one-shots, Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom always seem to find themselves in the craziest of situations. Whether they are masquerading in a play, writing stories about themselves, or finding whacky mythical objects of unknown powers, you can always count on them to make it comical.

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Diamond Tiara has always loved Apple Bloom. However, she has never quite felt like she was worthy of having her feelings returned by the farm pony. And so, knowing not how to express herself, she pushed her away through bullying. Hay, she thought to herself, maybe it would make her unrequited love easier to handle. As time goes on, however, she discovers that couldn't be further from the truth.

First place entry into Princeps DiamondBloom Shipping contest. :rainbowderp:

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