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Queen chrissy

i am the great Queen of the swarm and you will love me (plz)


hey give a follow · 5:36pm Last Thursday

i don't know if this against the rules but a friend of mine just started an account and i figured i'd help share the love and ask you guys to give her profile a look and maybe a follow if im breaking rules please tell me if i'm not heres the link https://www.fimfiction.net/user/309594/Octopony

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i can post nothing haha cool

well i welcome all to the swarm happy to have you

Yes, new changeling friendo who's totally NOT going to attempt to steal my love or brainwash me at all! :raritystarry: And you are correct, holey-legged bug ponies was not intended as an insult. :scootangel:

i saw you took intrest in a storie i'm tracking and since the no stealing love order from cadence i have to find love the old fashioned way make hordes of ponies love me then when they least exspect it take crontrol of them all*laughs in an evil way then remembers shes not alone* um.. i'm mean convince ponies i'm not as bad as i seem *awkward giggle* oh and were changelings by the way but i guess you call us holley legs the way you said it made it seem nice instead of insulting *exstends holey hoof* friends?

  • Viewing 320 - 324 of 324
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