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Queen Chrissy

i'm the great Queen of the swarm And YOU WILL LOVE MEEEEE *HAHAHAHA* (uhhh...please)


First off good bye · 2:46pm Last Friday

I first joined fimfiction way back in 2016 And the brony fandom was still pretty strong around then. But then I watched my favorite musicians leaves of fandom. Watched people that I was friends with never go back online and now that I'm all grown up I realized that the magic that I once had in the fandom The freedom that I found in it had ended Got old started a job a relationship and it was no more time in my life for this thing that used to be my life I look back on it now and I don't

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Queen Chrissy if you get this message please respond

Thanks for the follow. :derpytongue2:

Blog > New Blog Post at the 'top' right.

Ok how the fuk you write a blog post like how

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