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I've been wondering... Where's an "Action" tag? · 2:55am Jan 22nd, 2017

I mean Action doesn't necessarily mean "Dark" or "Adventure", right? ^^;;
Well anyway, it's just a random question, I'm not saying they should make one, but I do recommend one. It's their choice. :yay:

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Fluttershy and Spike - Homo Romance Episode Idea · 1:37am Jun 24th, 2016

I have this MLP episode idea recently, after watching few shows of having homo-love, well there's not a lot of involve with guy-and-guy love.

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What if Spike had a crush on Fluttershy instead of Rarity? · 3:43am Feb 23rd, 2016

Hello, fellow MLP fans, since I'm new here I'm gonna discuss a topic that made me go thinking for awhile. Like what would happen if DHX decides to have Spike have a crush on Fluttershy instead of Rarity. Well, either way for "fillers" or story, it would be a lot of change. (Well, in case, you didn't know. the DHX production crew originality wanted Spike to have a crush on Fluttershy.)

The episodes are:
A Dog and Pony Show
Secret of My Excess
Dragon Quest
Inspiration Manifestation

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