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A young brony, using ponies to try to further his writing skills. profile pic drawn by fatalspark.

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Twilight was attempting a new spell of her own invention. It achieved the desired effect of transporting them across dimensions, but there was one problem. They can't get back, and are now fillies without their marks, and most of their memories. Can they survive in this new world? Will they get back? Who knows!

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DJ appears in Equestria five years before the events of season one start. On the day of nightmare moon's return, he travels into Ponyville for the some potion ingredients Zecora needed at the time. When Twilight meets him she decides to study him, and misses the raising of the sun ceremony in the process. When DJ accompanies the girls through the Everfree to gather the elements of harmony, the whole universe is set on a different, yet similar path.

NOTE: This story is set in an alternate universe, so I will do my best to make sure all characters will be introduced. I'm going to be writing almost a new story line because of this, but I will make sure to include all of the major villains and unique experiences the best i can.

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Traveling to equestria, a human finds out that gravity is many times higher there, and he is much more dense than normal. without any magic to counteract the force of gravity, he weighs 10 tons, literally. the ponies freak out.

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Aaron, a human male, gets taken to equestria one night after falling asleep, and decied he will travel around equestria and beyond, because he wants to see the beauty in this world, to forget the ugliness of his old one.

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