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I am a young beginner Fimfiction writer on MLP to please the readers.


News updated the story of "Assistance Tailor and Handyman in Equestria" · 9:05pm May 23rd

News updated the story of "Assistance Tailor and Handyman in Equestria". :pinkiehappy:
As written in the author notes. in this blog I ask again:
I conclude this shortly blog by thanking everyone who follows me.
As always. if you have opinions, suggestions, advice or for use Oc Mare you suggest or other character, anyway just let me a Pm or a comments. Please.
See you ^^

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Good to hear from you
Good aversion from Zecora. It's sad you couldn't think of Rythms to her in. She's an exotic character.
Still at least you tried.

I've got some projects if been thinking of myself

merry christmas people to Fimfiction!! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for following!

i hope you ready to write new chapter for An Assistant Tailor And a Handyman At Equestria for start up again.

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