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hi, i am a young writer who loves to write and mainly loves to write about colorful-coated talking ponies with an interesting twist in their lives.


Thinking.... · 2:06am Feb 9th, 2017

Been thinking about making (making by putting together) a few short stories that I wrote for a friend on deviantart for her favorite ship: DumbbellDash. Heh...I love saying that. DumbbellDashDumbbellDashDumbledoreDumbbellDashDumbbellDash! This series of short might/will be put together if I have time in the future. So far I got a couple finished along with a couple of pictures she drew that I based my stories off of. I have her permission and I could but I don't know if I have time for it

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QUESTION!!!!! · 1:51am Oct 10th, 2016

So I've been wondering....even though I haven't written any (works in progress) stories and I wanted to ask you guys, my dear followers who either followed out of sheer pity, kindness, friendship, and curiosity(what I think), if you want to see or get to know my ocs. Just a simple question. You don't have to answer cuz I'm gonna do it anyway, not that you have a choice, which is stupid. Why am I even doing this? There's the real question for you guys to answer :-)

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