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Hello! I am your oh so glorious transgender friend =.= I shall be there. and we shall have many travels! we shall sing! we shall cry! and we shall laugh! And of course, Have a wonderful time <3


Still don't know why · 7:46am Oct 20th, 2017

Still don't know why I have that many followers @-@ I'm just a pone who does random stuff and can't write stories but can roleplay very well.. So in theory, I would be a good writer. But that's a chaos theory 3-3

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I.. Wow. I suck at life · 3:55pm Mar 31st, 2017

I spent 2 weeks writing a mash up of over 30,000 words.

including all my ocs.

half way through i started writing a new story

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Oh my... well I have art =v= · 8:24pm Jun 13th, 2016

that. done by my bro on da c;

this c; and this was done for me my friend and her old lover.

done for my friend by a friend who sadly passed.

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