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All things in balance.


It is a time of tension in the galaxy. The ability of the JEDI COUNCIL to see the future is rapidly diminishing, clouded by the DARK SIDE of the Force. As a dark time approaches for the galaxy, places as coreward as Coruscant, as far out as Hutt Space, and every planet in between will soon witness the plan of DARTH SIDEOUS unfold.

The citizens of the planet EQUUS PRIME, their herds governed by the wise and ancient PRINCESS CELESTIA, face an uncertain future as dark and forgotten forces lurk on their own horizon as well. An ancient prophecy foretells the return of the equally ancient NIGHTMARE MOON.

Chapters 1-3 previously published in a colab by The Bricklayer entitled The Equestrian Side of Things.

I expect this to be a fairly slow burn story for when I have time or ideas to dedicate to it. If you have any ideas, I'm open to suggestions! If you don't want your suggestions spoiling other viewers, don't be afraid to PM me! Worst I can do is say no, right?

Cover art by piesarts (Deviantart page taken down)

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When the Crystal Empire was banished, the few crystal ponies who found themselves outside its borders were left behind. Such was the case for Lapis Lazuli and Fluorite. Losing everything would be reason enough to give into despair, but can a mysterious visitor help them find a new way to celebrate Hearth's Warming?

Placed 7th of 23 in the Writeoff event And at the End, You Shall Remain Alone.

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This story is a sequel to History Lesson

New chapters added as I can. Apologies for the inconsistency.

History Lesson is strongly recommended as prior reading.
(Spoilers for History Lesson.)

When Starlight Glimmer sabotaged the first Rainboom, she inadvertently created eight broken worlds. In this the eighth world, Chrysalis, Sombra, and a resistance led by the new Element bearers wage war against one another for control of Equestria. Princess Twilight Sparkle has tasked Starlight with restoring harmony, hope, and love to this version of Equestria; but with so much war, death, and destruction, can life ever return to the way it was supposed to be?

History Reimagined follows the path of a hypothetical eighth fallen timeline not depicted in Friendship is Magic.

Non-Con tag for implied acts only. Sex tag for discussed acts. Gore and violence tags for mild gore and fantasy violence.

Cover art credit: Chrysalis vector by TwilightSpark2112 (wings edited to be transparent). Starlight vector by Uponia (body) and LolliponyBrony (head; edited to change facial expression). Sombra vector by 90Sigma.

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After the timeline goes awry for the eighth time, Twilight Sparkle convinces Starlight Glimmer to journey with her through the most recent world she created, using her alicorn magic potion to safely view one of the tragic timelines. As the world spirals farther and farther out of control, Twilight fears the vision may be doing more to strengthen Starlight's resolve than to bring her to an understanding of her mistakes.

Starlight Glimmer vector by itv-canterlot on Deviantart

A good portion of chapters 1-3 debuted in the Writeoff event "Forbidden Knowledge"

Red tags for mild gore and fantasy violence.

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