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With a mind of many, I am an aspiring artist reaching for the stars! A big fan of Grimdark and Fallout Equestria! And depressing tales ;n;


Going to start writing :) · 6:30am Jan 29th, 2016

So, here I am, thinking up on a subject.

Some written fics may start coming here pretty soon, I tend to think pretty fast as well so it might come sooner than expected. Although to be careful, I might just keep thinking about it for a long while before forming it ^^ Already got a 'concept' hidden somewhere.

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Role Plays, anyone? · 11:59pm Jan 27th, 2016

I may not look the part, but when I role play, I can REALLY get into it, depending on what said role play is :) More often than not, I have been thinking about Alternate Endings to many little scenes in many, many different fics, Fallout Equestria falls under this as well and it has already caught my interests and teased my desires.

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Greetings to all! · 10:58pm Jan 26th, 2016

Hello FimFiction! Just another user I suppose :) Came here looking for inspiration really. Although I am planning quite the heap of things, and maybe even introducing an OC (who of which needs more work in the appearance department) along the way.

Usually how I formulate stories is through Role Play, and although it hasn't really been successful I might just keep with it really, always nice having two minds at work cx

Anywho, hello to all, and message me for a lovely chat!

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