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With a mind of many, I am an aspiring artist reaching for the stars! A big fan of Grimdark and Fallout Equestria! And depressing tales ;n;


Going to start writing :) · 6:30am Jan 29th, 2016

So, here I am, thinking up on a subject.

Some written fics may start coming here pretty soon, I tend to think pretty fast as well so it might come sooner than expected. Although to be careful, I might just keep thinking about it for a long while before forming it ^^ Already got a 'concept' hidden somewhere.

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I'll send you a private message with instructions on how to accomplish that, okay?:twilightsmile:


Thank you :)

Another question, on writing fics in particular.

How do I actually type the darn things? Maybe I'm not looking close enough or I've come upon a brainfart storm, but I can't seem to type the actual 'Story' other than the Long Description.

There are a number of groups dedicated to Fallout: Equestria. This one is the largest: Fallout: Equestria Related Fics

Every group has a forum, and I hope that you'll enjoy your time spent on that one.:twilightsmile:


Ah, hello! Thanks for the greeting :) If there is one question I have, it has to be if there are any forums or chats on this site. I've really been getting into that Fallout Equestria universe and I'd like to find ways on how I can join in on the fun, so to speak :)

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