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i love ponies and fighting games

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For as long as she could remember, she was taught that Dark magic was naturally evil and Light magic was naturally good. However, a recent discovery made by the young unicorn will change how she, and eventually everyone else, see magic.

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After talking to the Princess, Twilight is going to introduce her friends to their humans counterparts. Unfortunately, the portal malfunctions and now they're stranded in a world filled with monsters, humans with animal features, and so much more.
I already decided on the teams, team names, partners, semblances, and weapons. I will not change it. however, I didn't choose any pairings yet. I hope you enjoy.

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Hey, this is a story of an OC I thought of. You can also call it a self insert because while his name and Mane's color is different from mine, his personality is a reflection of my own.
Unfortunately, with the fanbase being so huge, I don't know if I'm ripping off anyone. If I did, I apologise and will revise my story. However, I will only revise it if you can prove that they had the idea first.
update: I decided to try and make my OC in Pony Generator and frankly i didn't like it. However until I can get the proper tool to draw him, this is the best that i am able to do. This is not what he looks like, but this was the closest i could get. The colors are accurate by the way. Brown eyes, ash gray coat, and a combination of royal blue and golden yellow in the mane.

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