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Hello, im going to be honest with you stright from the bat, I do have Dyslexia. But I always try my best. I won't write horror just beacuse im not good at it, other then that I will write anything.

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Season 9 is the end of GEN 4!!!! · 2:24pm Sunday

Im sure you've all heard the news gen 4 is end with season 9 it all looks rather bleak for gen 5 I've heard some terrible thing coming such as gen 5 all the ponies will be living on different planets a planet for the earth ponies, and a planet for the unicorns and a planet for Pegasi too. Twilight will be losing her horn and Fluttershy will be gaining a horn and losing her wings. Pinkie will be gaining wings and losing her name and now will be called surprise. Applejack will no long be a farmer

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Np and thanks i love horror films:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch here is a public domain movie

2423042 thanks I'll give it a try

the blog idea sounds interesting
I think you should try it

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