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Hello, im going to be honest with you stright from the bat, I do have Dyslexia. But I always try my best. I won't write horror just beacuse im not good at it, other then that I will write anything.

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This Time I Have a Plan! (and im sticking to it this time!) · 10:43pm October 4th

So first things first , Im really happy and thankful with the level of support I have been given with Why Is Fluttershy So Shy. And I really glad that Everyone is really enjoying the story and I hope to keep doing my best with it because I really am enjoying writing this story and makes me so happy to see everyone else enjoy it too. But it will be going on hiatus soon and im sorry if there people out there that are really enjoying the story but it is going on hiatus, I will write about two more

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Art that my friend makes for me to use

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Np and thanks i love horror films:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch here is a public domain movie

2423042 thanks I'll give it a try

the blog idea sounds interesting
I think you should try it

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