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Hello, im going to be honest with you stright from the bat, I do have Dyslexia. But I always try my best. I won't write horror just beacuse im not good at it, other then that I will write anything.

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Twilight is still suffering effects from when she turned into Midnight Sparkle and cant find a way to put her past behind her. Its stopping her from moving forward in her life, stopping her from asking Sunset out, stopping her from being herself. She's living her life in fear. Sunset knows what Twilight is dealing with and maybe she can help her see the light that everyone see's in her.

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Its a fine day in Ponyville the sky is clear and the sun is shining. Pinkie Pie goes about her day as happy as she can be, when Twilight walks through the door of Sugarcube Corner with an important scroll. The scroll is from Princess Luna her self, asking the Pink Pony to give her sister the best Birthday party she's ever had. And of course the Pink Party Pony NEVER turns down the chance to plan a party.

But Else where vinyl scratch has hit rock bottom and in result she has started partying with berry Punch. This has led to Octavia taking in her self to help her friend get out of rock she gotten into but can she do it?

Chapters (6)