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"Behold the turtle!" -TheDimensionRift 2016. I'm a die hard Naruto fan and enjoy DBZ (TFS/Origin) and many other animes. I love all genres of music and hope to be a sound engineer. *BEAT-BOXES*

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You've traveled all over Equeastria; working your way from Manehatten through Fillydelphia in search of the cutie mark you have yet to receive. After stopping in Baltimare for a few days, you learn of a town which is known for...."unique" events which transpired in the past. Hearing this, you quickly head for the nearest train station and head towards the center of Equeastria, unaware that your journey will lead to you finding more than just your cutie mark.

Race? Gender? Job?
Love interest(/interests)?
Help to protect Equeastria or bring about its destruction?

Every decision is up to you.

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Tempest Startreader lives in a small remote town located on the farthest borders of Equestria. He lives with his grandfather, SwirlingStar, who has trained him in countless spells and enchantments that he has learned over the many years he has lived. As skilled as he is and as many powerful spells he knows, Tempest is a pacifist who hates fighting or violence and will find any alternative way to solve any problem without resorting to violence.
After his grandfather's death and saving his hometown, Tempest sets out on a journey across Equestria to seek help for his town and to help out anyone else he runs into that is troubled. He makes new friends, meets royalty, and even learns about his grandfather's past; a past that had remained hidden from him for years.

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It didn't take long for the United States government to grow suspicious of 'unusual activity' happening at local high schools; especially when the Dean of Crystal Prep swears up and down that Canterlot High has students who have become demons and grown wings. For this reason, the FBI created a small branch taskforce to deal with said suspicions and locate the origins of the magic; the Bureau of Magical Investigations.

Christian Cloud is a prodigious special agent for the BMI who excels at reconnaissance and espionage; never faltering in his assignment no matter what. He has been tasked by the bureau to gather information about the recent magical events that have transpired at Canterlot High after the Friendship Games.

When his newest target brings him to the birthplace of the magic, Christian must enroll in Canterlot High and gain the trust of seven girls to extract the information the bureau needs. But his plans go awry when he begins to form genuine bonds with his new friends and develops feelings for one fiery haired girl in particular.

With his job on the line and the lives of his new friends now hanging in the balance, Christian must combat a secret organization which seeks to exploit magic and its properties for financial gain; all while making sure that his cover isn't blown.

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Every writer has rough drafts or stories that never really receive any exposure. This is a collection of short stories, prologues, and first chapters which I deemed 'not worthy' to post by themselves. An archive of stories that could have been.
Tags will vary depending on the most recent story.

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(This was changed from a multiple chapter story, to a single chapter short story-ish...thing.)

Sunset Shimmer has never had any problems sleeping, it was one of her favorite activities she would partake in whenever she got home. However, lately she's been having nightmares about a man, a man who wishes to continue his long forgotten killing spree; a man who wants to be remembered. Sunset Shimmer soon learn that her nightmares are no normal bad dream, and her dreams are in fact being plagued by the demon know as Freddy Krueger.
When trying to survive the attacks of Freddy Krueger', Sunset Shimmer will need to keep her wits about her. But as bright as the teen is, she'll have to deal with the number 1 rule in Freddy's sick twisted survival game: Dont. Fall. Asleep.

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Inspired by: Equestrian Shinobi by DragonBoi65.


Naruto Uzumaki finds himself in a strange new world which is inhabited by multicolored ponies.

Now trapped in the body of an equine himself, can Konaha's Number 1 knuckle head ninja cope with his new form? Can he find out why he's been brought to this world in the first place? And what is this evil presence that the Nine Tails keeps sensing?

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(Rated Teen for: Suggestive themes, violence, crude humor, minimal blood and partial language.)

Cover Art created by Droll3

Arcane Academy: A prestigious academy which specializes in teaching magic to those willing to learn. This private institute is known by very few and is very difficult to get into, only a select few which demonstrate exceptional magic abilities are permitted to enter.

Though the academy specializes in magic, students participate in rigorous missions which test strength, endurance, cunning, and other skills on different levels in hopes to one day graduate and become a member of the Equestrian Arcane Agency; a secret faction of powerful unicorns who work tirelessly to defend Equeastria from the shadows.

Join Silverlight on his journey as Celestia's new student as he attempts to graduate from the academy and become the most powerful wizard in Equeastria. His only problem is: he’s an earth pony attempting to learn Arcane magic.

Part 1: Arcane Trials Arc
Part 2: In Progress

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Everything in life has an origin, but what of magic? Everypony knows of it's presence and how it impacted Equeastria, but where did it come from or who created it?
No pony can recall magic's origin, it had always just been there since unicorns and alicorns first began using it; or at least that's what they were told.

Only one unicorn, knowledgeable and powerful, knew the truth; the truth which he kept sealed away on the dark side of the moon; the truth which took centuries itself for many to forget; the truth about the goddess who was the first tamer of magic, the first alicorn of existence, Genesis De Magia.

Since Star Swirl The Bearded's disappearance, the truth was now lost and no pony knew anything about the goddess. However, questions begin to arise when a mysterious unicorn attacks the Crystal Empire and steals the magic of princess Cadence, claiming that Alicorn magic is needed for "Mother's Rebirth".

Twilight begins investigating at the orders of princess Celestia, sensing something strange is happening with her precious moon, Luna joins her in her quest. However, nothing could have prepared anypony from what the two were about to uncover.

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When strange satellites from the human world begin appearing in Equestria, Twilight returns to Canterlot High to see if she can find some answers. When Sunset Shimmer informs her of a student who is renowned as a genius who might be able to help, Twilight finds herself recruiting the individual to discover what's happening between their worlds. But when the two geniuses egos begin to clash, Twilight begins to think that there is no hope for either of their worlds.

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Persuing his dream of becoming a famous musician, Treble Clef visits Ponyville where his cousin Octavia lives. Upon finding out she's roommates with the famous DJ-PON3, Treble attempts to best Vinyl in the thing they both know best: making music. Will Vinyl prove to him that she's no pushover when it comes to her passion? Or will Treble show her what being a musical prodigy is all about?

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