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(Collaboration project with Chaos2012 and Seven81493)

Godzilla... A creature of epic proportions... He is a terrifying reminder of mankind's past experimentation with nuclear weaponry. For decades he has been a living natural disaster, an ever present threat to the human race. He cannot be killed, he cannot be contained, and he cannot be stopped. The best that mankind has ever been able to do is merely slow him down.

Until now...

Scientists have developed a satellite-mounted cannon capable of generating a black hole. They call it the Dimension Tide, and they intend to use it on Godzilla. However, the plasma energy used in the initial testing of the Dimension Tide causes a dragonfly to mutate, and eventually spawn a massive insect called Megaguirus. Godzilla is successful in killing Megaguirus, but the humans are also able to land a successful strike with the Dimension Tide. Godzilla is banished to an endless void, never to be seen by anyone ever again.

Or so they think...

In an alternate universe, Nightmare Moon has returned from her one thousand year imprisonment to bathe Equestria in eternal night. However, her grand speech to the populace of Ponyville is interrupted by the roar of a creature far larger than anything Equestria has ever seen... and far more dangerous than it has ever faced...

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This story is a sequel to Pony Ball Z

(Chapters are currently not visible, as story is under revision)

It has been one year since Vegeta's excursion into Equestria, and the violent battles that rocked the very foundations of the equine Earth have ended. During these battles, Twilight Sparkle was ripped from their world, and still remains missing. Taking responsibility for causing this disaster, the former queen of darkness, Lunalia, prepares to embark on a journey across time and space to return the wayward Twilight to Equestria. Join us as we meet old friends, and fight new battles! Join us as questions of the past are answered! Join us as we step into the grand tour- PONY BALL GT!

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(Set in an alternate universe where the Black Star Dragon Balls still exist, and Goku never left with Shenron at the end of Dragon Ball GT.)
(This story was finished at one point, but is now marked as incomplete as it is undergoing heavy revision)

Vegeta, the mighty Prince of Saiyans, has been having nightmares about Shadow Dragons emerging from the Black Star Dragon Balls that dwarf the originals in power. Knowing the grave threat this poses to Earth, he vows to do whatever it takes to protect the planet he now calls home. He takes it upon himself to destroy the dragon balls, therefore preventing his nightmares from becoming reality. However, the immense magical power of the balls rip open a dimensional barrier, and displaces Vegeta from his home! He now finds himself in the peaceful nation of Equestria, just as a powerful threat to the pony nation begins to loom on the horizon...

Will Vegeta be able to find a way back, or will he be forced to call this world of colorful ponies his new home? Find out in PONY BALL Z!

Chapters (1)
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