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The Offer · 9:29am Jan 28th, 2013

“Twilight, I am not unisexual. I'm just turned on by the horn and the ability to reshape reality with a thought,” Rainbow Dash protested.

“That's what unisexual means!”

“Can I touch it?” Dash moved closer, her eyes locked on the prize.

“Eyes down here, miss!”

“Come on, I'll let you touch my wings...”

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After the Sun has set · 7:27pm Jan 1st, 2013

The moon stood tall and proud in the sky over the broken castle. Dark winds howled and lesser beings hid from fury of winds.

“How can thee choose them over us?” the darkness demanded.

“Because it is right to do so!” the Unyielding Sun called out with all of her strength. The light of day flashed and five stones sparked impotently.

“They will not answer thou! You know they will not act in an unjust cause!” Again the dark swept forth to catch the light.

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Storm Pony · 2:14am Dec 25th, 2012

Storm Pony: Pre-Equestrian colossi built of dense cloud and bitting wind and fueled with lightning. Built in number by the early Pegasi Tribe. No known examples remain. There is no known basis for Storm Ponies expressing any form intelligence as in contemporary fiction, eg Daring Do and the Lost Storm.

A single small feather gripped in her teeth she carefully slid it into the little cloud sculpture. It was 2 hooves tall and shaped like a pegasus pony. It stood at casual ease.

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Project: The Cold Awaits · 9:25am Nov 16th, 2012

Suppose for a moment that far in Equestria's past that the sun and moon drifted uncontrolled, slowly burning and freezing the world about the equator. And that the only place with a stable temperature was the poles where both sun and moon shone. And that kingdoms sprouted there, being the only secure ground to build upon.

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Aaaah! · 7:33am Sep 26th, 2012

Do not play this at work.

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