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New addition to the 'Brony' community, and a "settler" into writing fanfictions. Though mostly rusty, and can only portray said-stories through sketches, it's better to try then never


Update # 9: New revisions · 2:36am Apr 10th, 2017

Just gonna cut the charade with you all and get RIGHT to the point: I am going to re-write A New Sunset and change it to a "casual" story-telling about Z, MINUS the second-person perspective. Because you all know where I was going with it the moment the last two chapters were posted last year. But anyhow, going to make it just HIS story and tell you all the full extent and the dangers ahead for him and his "friend".

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Update # 8: How am I still using this? · 11:06pm Jan 8th, 2017

Now, I'ma make this brief-like how I do for the other posts, concerning I've got nothing to say; at all-though I'd like to just keep an update on how I'm doing. To my concern and care, of course.

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Update # 7: My life in a nutshell · 12:23am Oct 19th, 2016

I don't have much to say to explain what 'they' are, but this ol' drawing does; kind of
(I apologize if it's a bit poor in coloring, and a bit transparent too, but I wanted to draw something for the heck of it; it's been too long)
(They're, primarily, work and school; just like everyone else)

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Update # 6: Timeline extension · 7:36pm Oct 3rd, 2016

Hey'o, everyone, nice to see you all again; sort-of..
Anyways, I'm simply going to say that I'm tweaking A New Sunset's timeline by adding the Legend of Everfree events, since the ending really brought on an idea I'd like to add into the story for Z to see the 'real' struggles then he'd expect in Equestria; even if it's in another world. It'll be updated and coming up soon enough.

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Update # 5: "Favorites" · 11:30pm Sep 18th, 2016

I know I'm not one to blog, much, but-I'd like to let my mind loose; then it already is.
Anywho, from the MLP/EGverse, these are my "favorites" (at the moment; if later afterwards):
1. Sunset Shimmer ( < 3 )
2. Adagio Dazzle ( < 3 )
3. Applejack ( < 3 )
4. Rainbow Dash
5. Aria Blaze

And that's that. Thank you for the time, everyone!
Have a good one

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Update # 4: Understanding · 2:18pm Aug 1st, 2016

How's it going, everyone?
I know the same 'routine' with how I'm "delivering" my stories now, but I don't wanna repeat the same "reasons" to you guys, it's my fault for keeping it repetitive
But, besides that, I've realized the 'terminology' of my username and what "colts" are and decided to 'change things'
That being my username now, and my recent story too
(Still editing the first two chapters
Second one will be out shortly though)
So, that's basically the gist of what I have to say.

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Update # 3: Getting back · 8:29am May 27th, 2016

Hey, every..pony?
(However I should refer to y'all. Dunno)
Anywho, It's Z3R0. Like my previous Update, sorry for the inact., usual routine's here and there, not much time to do ANYTHING such as writing any more stories then my first two here.
Which, to my surprise, gained quite nice reviews and likes, so, thank you all for them supportzezies!
: D

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Update # 2 · 4:11am Apr 4th, 2016

Oi, s'been a while since I've given ANY activity here-which I apologize; school and work-though my usual routine with new stories will take a LONG while. But otherwise, sorry guys. I'm usually working on some other things on other accounts I sometimes disregard this one. Though I'l try to make up whatever story I can for all of you to enjoy, and so-on.

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Update # 1 · 2:18am Mar 3rd, 2016

Hey everyone, sorry for the inactivity around here (mainly a month ever since I first joined), but I got caught up with some things to think of any other story ideas. Though I'ma try some around some opportunities, and most of them will be posted on my Deviantart. So look forward to that, and etc.

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A Start · 6:21am Jan 12th, 2016

Welp, starting a-new in a fandom begins where the stories are first introduced. Let's see where this rabbit hole takes us?

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