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My stories tend to be about 1000 words in a chapter unless its on some occasion of some sort. Big otaku and Attack on titan nerd.


This account is dead. · 9:09pm Oct 23rd, 2017

What else is there to say? I've had this account for two years but its dead. Message me for details

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2142696 You should really use the blog feature, we can't get notified from posting in your profile's comment box.

My new story is now awaiting to be approved. When it says "Its not related to MLP" when I make it to where it is, it gets really difficult, though.

2141207 you don't have to take down the entire story, I suggest that you rework the chapter and leave out the abilities, that way you can still have your current story

I might take down FMFMS and make a different story with one without abilities

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