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Twilight Sparkle is trapped in the body of a human who in turn, has taken her own and disappeared with it. Nopony believes her: not her brother, friends, nor mentor. She is being interrogated and asked a single question: Where is Twilight Sparkle? When she tells them that she is the one they seek, torture follows. Twilight begins to lose hope and weighs the question: What's the point of going on when even the world bets against you?

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The three are surprised when the see they aren't in the now war torn United States of America. Tyrin, the leader of the group, has now been out in a position where his knowlege of HiE fan-ficion is now a survival guide for the three. He knows one wrong move could make them look like monsters in the eyes of the ponies and is trying to find a way to keep that from happening.

I might go through and rewrite the first couple of chapters because my writing has improved significantly since I first started this fic. Until I do I ask any new readers to sit through the first chapters.

Also the general description is due to change anytime now as the nature of the story has changed as well.

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