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Im just an ordinary guy, who enjoys reading fun stories. Sic Nos Sic Sacra Tuemur


Meeting one-another at an amateur poem club, Maud Pie and Moonlight Raven have become close friends, sending letters, meeting for lunch and reciting new poems together. But lately Raven has been feeling something far stronger than friendship towards Maud, and tonight she plans on seeing if Maud feels the same way.

Chapters (1)

Sitting at breakfast in Canterlot prince Blue-Blood receives a letter calling out his atrocious behavior towards ponies at the grand galloping gala what will the prince think of this and who wrote it ?

Chapters (1)

Removed from the land of equestria and banished to a realm untouched by time for a thousand years stands the kingdom of Tambelon, home to the demonic ram necromancer Grogar and his dark army.

Chapters (4)
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