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Hello i have been a brony for quite some time now. I'm a avid gamer, and love watching the show. I've often dreamed as many here probably have to go to equestria and see what it really is like. I forw

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New name · 10:01pm January 7th

Felt like a name change. Give myself a more personal name on here as I've started doing on other sites.

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A little of both. we use google docs to write for the characters, so you can reach me at honestashleyjsmith@gmail.com.

I believe the story with rainbow dash (formerly Matt Dashiel aka Micaela Dashiel) will be from her POV as she learns about being the element of loyalty and her connection with it, as well as her sisterly connection to Samantha/Scootaloo (Ephedrianroyalty). There is a scene in scootaloo's side story where Micaela finished her chores and then found Samantha's computer where she accepted the MLP Theory analyst's offer to turn her into scootaloo, or her anthro version.

Before I accept what would I be doing? Thinking up lines for Rainbow to say in certain situations and or writing her side story?

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