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Shout out / Appreciation! · 2:36pm Mar 19th, 2016

Hello bronies! Recently I won IJAB's monthly art giveaway, and I couldn't help but write this in recognition of their talent and generosity. They drew me a fantastic picture of my OC, who will star in my new story. You can see the picture on the cover page when I finish the first chapter soon, but look at the rest of their work in the meantime! I highly recommend all my readers check out IJAB's channel, and enjoy their written and drawn art!

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Thanks to everypony! · 3:00am Jan 25th, 2016

Just wanted to express my gratitude towards everyone who has read, followed and commented on my stories thus far! I've read all kinds of stories from this site over my three years as a brony, and making an account this year was a big deal for me. I was so nervous to post my own content, mostly because I know it doesn't compare to any of the work on this site that inspired me to write my own fanfics. It really boosted my confidence to receive such a positive response to my work! I don't want to

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